Saturday, January 07, 2012


Found out yesterday I need to make an investment in a bigger videocard for my PC. SL is a demanding game specialy on the graphics department and  I was told by a good friend who knows more about this then me ( daah I know nothing I am a PC noob ) , that  my inbuild videocard is not good enougf so  that is why I can not work with mesh on the new Phoenix viewer. Wen I am wearing mesh clothes I see a hole in my body and yes I have the mesh option enabled so that is nog the issue. * Takes a deep sigh * Have to wait for the next bus stop of the € Euro bus to make this investment and I don't know when the bus is ariving in inkie town. I keep you all posted. Today like yesterday only the pictures and I promis I will add the SLURL in this post and yesterdays post for sure.

Skin   Illusory   Paige Honey Blue Haze  #  50 % OFF SALE
Lips  [PF]  Elly Chai Glam Lipstick/Teeth
Hair [LeLutka]   Wilde  # NEW
Coat  *Bliss Couture*  ! Bliss Fur ! Wynn Jacket (Camel)
Skirt  {Happy} Cheeky Minx Skirt
Bag *LpD*  EcoFur Bag Beige  # NEW
Shoes *YS&YS*  Tiburon Beige
Necklace  LaGyo  Ewa Ram Necklace Bronze
Tights  Izzie's  Tights Fishnet
Socks  Izzie's  Overknee Socks Off-White
Poses  Diesel Works  PolyWall v.2012 Photography Prop  # NEW

Friday, January 06, 2012


Just the pictures for now SL = messing with me I will safe you the story. Thank God it is Friday just 1 work day to go and then ............. weeeeeeekend. Thank you Joice for the boots they are great !! They come in diffrent colors so take a look and go to WOot.

Skin   *Cupcakes   Elise Sunkissed  # OLD TDR 
Hair   [LeLutka]  Wilde  # NEW
Flower in Hair [ glow ] Sepia Flowers Hairband
Jacket  *Zanzo*   L'Ete Jacket (Vire)
Tights   Fleshstone   Still Young Tights
Boots  WOot  Booty Fur White  # NEW
Bag in Hand  Fleshstone  The Huntington Bag  # CHRISTMAS GIFT
Bag on Schoulder (TokiD) Stumble Bag Gray
Sunglasses [*RG*]  Sunglasses Unisex  # FREE GIFT ( MALE DEPARTMENT )
Ring  [DDL]  Rumour Has It  Silver
Poses  * EverGlow*  Model Poses #56
Location  Virtual Harlem

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Just a post not to many things to say. Had to go to work after a weekend of bubbles of champagne and lots of fun and looooong nights. But duty called and to be honest a SL shop addiction  cost money so a RL job comes in handy to pay the SL shopping bills.

Skin  Glam Affair  Linn Med Tan 04  # NEW
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Military Cap Airy Long
Coat  =*DeLa*=  Leather Jacket Bebe Midnight
Skirt  { mon tissu}   Gauzy Skirt  Graphire  # NEW
Shirt  [ Cynful ]  Baubie Hugger
Boots  Death Row Designs  Bootslazy Tigh High
Nails  [MANDALA]   Sinra
Necklace ::GB::  Medaille Series Silver
Tights  Izzie's  Tights Torn
Bag  tulip  Indian Summer Navy
Cigarette   [NikotiN]  Cigarette Pink
Poses   *EverGlow*
Location : Virtual Decay 

Monday, January 02, 2012


We started a new year yesterday and really  I tried to gome up with some new year resolutions but the list was growing and growing the more I thought about it. From giving up smoking ( yes I know it is a bad unhealthy habit ) , go to bed early , go easy on the weed ( typical Dutch here ) et cetera et cetera
bla bla bla. So naaaahhhh  I wont even try. The thing I can promise is to stay a compulsive shopper and addicted blogger. As you can see I got an addictive personality so shoot me.
I just  L❥VE  the freckled skin made by Crushed Clarity  from Illusory  and the new hair from >TRUTH< is just adorabel.

Skin  Illusory  Paige Milk FaLaLaLaLa!  # LIMITED TIME
Freckles  Illusory  Freckles Milk ( comes with the skin )
Hair >TRUTH<   Velvet  # NEW
Eyes  FASHISM  Sunrise Eyes  Deep Silver
Dress  Whippet & Buck  Meela Lace Dress Aubergine
Cardigan Tres Blah  Lace Kimono Plum
Shoes *GP*   Strap Shoes Alex
Leg Warmers *GP*  Leg Warmer for Heels  # NEW
Necklace + Earrings  [ glow ] @ TDR   Studio Happy 2012! Pack
Bag  [ glow ] Indien Passion Purple Clutch
Tights   [LeeZu!]  Bubble Glam Tights Pink
Nails [MANDALA]  Nail Palette Long
Bangles  { Zaara}  Indra Painted Stacked  Bangels
Cigarette   [NikotiN]  Cigarette Pink
Poses   *EverGlow*  Model520
Location Toxian City

Sunday, January 01, 2012


Today the beginning of a new year and lets make 2012 an epic year with lots of  L❥VE , ♪ ♫ music ♪ ♫ and fashion.    вєѕт ωιѕнєѕ for 2012  to everybody.
And what better way to start this year then with another new round of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. And how conveniant the color champagne !!! Cheers to all the colorfull bloggers out there lets make this second round even better then the first !! And for the people who are not known with Luna and her challenge go visit Luna Jubilee her blog for rules and how to join this roller coaster of colors

Skin   AL VULO  @   Private Room    Polly Natural Sunkissed
Hair   [M*D]   Wataame (cream)
Dress   **BAIASTICE**   Minidress Gold
Shoes *GF*   Strap Shoes  Alex Cream
Stockings  [LeeZu!]  Bubble Glam Tights  Beige
Scarf  (TokiD)   Scarf from my Aunt  Creamy
Bag  (TokiD)  Stumble Bag Light # NEW
Bangles   je suis  Vinatage Bangles
Ring  ~SWEET LEONARD~ Vintage Bow Ring Sand
Nails [MANDALA]  Nail Palette Medium
Poses with props   GLITTERATI  Champagne  # NEW
Location  Virtual Harlem