Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Past Friday I made a resolution to have a shopping break.
Well at least  for at  10 days.
Main reason is very simple I am a broke ass avi so no lindens in the pixel piggy bank to spend. I hold myself back in running to the sl atm  to get myself new and crispy lindens so I am going cold turkey on the shopping.
In the meantime  I am cleaning out my inventory.
I opened boxes from 2 Arcades ago and found some Collabor88 stuff from the month of  May..... Digged up folders that were " to do folders " months ago.
I also found the delete button and in the beginning very modest and shy in using it but the more  items I deleted the easier it became.
I started with 88.269 items in my folder.
After some days of hard  labour my inventory numbers are on  81.333
I am not there yet but at least I can overlook the mess again.
Do I miss buying new things ? ........ I leave you to answer that one ...
Still counting down how low can this girl go....
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Belleza-  Bella SK  *OLD FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
Creator :  Tricky Boucher
Hair [INK]  Bulge Copper *MATERIAL ENABLED*
Designer : Nontroppo Torii
Sweater  [monso]  @ The Chapter Four  My Cropped Sweater White
Designer : Morphine Janick
Shorts [NV]  Rys Shorts Jeans Bleach
Designer :  isiss Bade
Boots NS::  @  The Gacha Mania Round II August   Converse Boots Red
Designer : Nani Soulstar
Decoration & Scenery
1st Picture
Van    Hippie Van
Creator Armystone
2cond Picture
Bee Hive  Apple Fall Bee Hive Old
Creator : Warehousefifteendesigns 
Flowers & Grass meadowWorks  FX Cornflowers & Bees
Creator : Garvie Garzo
Location :  ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
Last weeks of Summer Season

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Two days ago I started a 10 day countdown to reduce my inventory content. So no shopping allowed that means I am going cold turkey..
The whole day I unpacked long forgotten boxes put the stuff in "to do" folders  or deleted them when needed.
I started with 88.269 items in my inventory
Dropped to 87.902 yesterday
Today I reached 83.616 and I am not done...
Stay tuned on the " how low can she go show "...
Have fun while  you shop until you drop.
Skin -Belleza-  @ COLLABOR88 August  Grace Tan 3
Designer : Shyla Diggs
Hair  Magika  @  COLLABOR88 August  Harmony
Designer : Sabina Gully
Dress &  Crown  *katat0nik*  @  COLLABOR88 August  Goddess Dress Gold
Designer : Kata0nik Pidgeon
Feet & Hands Slink
Creator : Siddean Munro
Pose & Prop 2cond Picture  Infinity  @ The Fantasy Gacha Paper Birds 1)
Creator : Brandi Monroe

Saturday, August 16, 2014


This Saturday post is in the midst of lowering my inventory numbers in a huge clean up mission.
There are a lot of unpacked boxes so opening everything and desiding "stay or delete" is a time consuming task but I need to do it before I  redocorate my place.
In some weeks I am going to redo my place and turn it in to an Autumn colord scenery so here some last Summer pictures made in
Yesterday I had 88.269 items in my inventory.
I set myself on a 10 day cleaning mission.
 After 1 day the numbers are on 87.902
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.
1st Picture
House Culprit Neva's Rustic Cottage
Creator : Lord Humphrey
Easel XIAJ Art Studio Easel *OLD GACHA *
Creator : Superjaix
Grass & Flowers  meadowWorks Meadow FX Coneflowers + Butterflys
Creator : Garvie Garzo
2cond Picture
Pond with Trees Studio Skye  Enchanted Pond
Creator : Alex Bader
Lounger Gazebo  Cheeky Pea Whitby Lounger
Creator : Isla Gealach
Pool Sign Seven Emporium Heated Pool Sign *OLD GACHA *
Creator : Agustkov
Tube with Parasol *Kei-Spot Inner Tube  Wide Stripes *OLD GACHA*
Creator : Keiko Zoon
Red Flowers  Hayabusa Design Wind Field of Grass and Flowers
Creator : Motoko Oanomochi
3th Picture
Shed Culprit Old Potting Shed Rust
Creator : eku Zhong
White Chair Thaino DesignS. Kitchen Chair Floral Blue
Creator : Thaihiti Baroque
Green Chair ***Zinnias*** Cheery Chair Frida Lime 
Creator : Zinnia Karu
Table Culprit Whitby Pallet Bar
Creator : Isla Gealach
Rainbow Flag Apple Fall Gay Pride  *FREE MP GIFT*
Creator : Warehousefifteendesigns

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hello I am inkie and I am a broke ass avi for at least 10 days. No lindens to spent so no shopping events to attend.
 Is this a good or a bad thing ?  I am wondering this writing this post...
I make the choise it is a good thing. I got at least 10 days to clean out my inventory without it piles up again doing so.
10 days to work on my bloggers to do list, to show you all the goodies I bought and slapped out of all the gacha machines sl is packed with lately.
There are so many shopping events I not even mentioned and they are closed already  and I still got unpacked boxes from that event in my sl closset. So many things to do and so little time to do it ......
10 days .... 88.269 items in my inventory...
Stay posted for my inventory countdown......
Have fun while you shop until you drop
Skin -Glam Affair-  Cassia Exotic 03 E
Designer : aida Ewing
Hair *Amacci*  Greta
Designer : Carina Larsen
Dress  [celoe]  Kenya Dress Twine
Designer : jadenart
Boots  Maitreya  Thigh High Boots Bronze Snake
Designer : Onyx LeShelle
Bracelet [MANDALA]  Kyara Bangle Marrakesh
Creator : kikunosuke Eel
Location :  Hitchin'Post Valley  Old South
Role Play Sim go trough the green door and wear a visitors tag.
Rez Rights Available Picture Perfect Place  ✭✭✭✭✭+


Thursday, August 14, 2014


When it comes to clothing in second life I love color in contrary to my real life where I wear a lot of black it is not called second life for nothing.
I went to Black Fashion Fair some days ago and bought this leather dress because I love the texture
When it comes to shoes I am a second life basket case. The more shoes I have the better I feel and the more shoes I need.
It is a sl vicious circle and yes I need help there.
Louboutin the shoe designer in real life is my hero. The red sole on the shoes, the specific eyecatcher of this brand are subject of lawsuits all over the world.
Are or aren't the red shoes a registered trademark  in that prespective that other shoe designers and brands can not use the red sole anymore and if they do they have to pay Mr Louboutin.
The courts are divided and the lawers are making there money fighting against or defending this case all free publicity for the fabulous shoes.
The prices of Louboutin shoes are way way way over my budget and the heels are killing my back so that only leaves me to wear killer shoes in second life and in homage to Mr Louboutin I colored the soles red with help of a HUD.
Have a great day and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Belleza-  @ Black Fashion Fair Claudia SK 5
Open till August 22nd
Creator : Shyla Diggs
Hair  (Milana) Mint
Creator : Asuka Martin
Dress  ANOIRCRE  @ Black Fashion Fair Peau Dress Black
Creator : AliceNoir
Shoes =MODA= DESIGNS Bree Buckled Peep Toe Heel
Creator : Eonla
Necklace [MANDALA]  Nyorai Silver
Creator : kikunosuke Eel
Clutch **BAIASTICE** Ayoun Clutch Strawberry
Creator Sissy Pessoa
Hat Legal InsanitySUMMER BASH FAIR  Ely Floppy Hat Red  *GACHA*
Runs till August 25th
Creator : Datrip Blackbart
Location : Pigeon Island

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Even though Summer is still booming in second life an early Autumn post
When it comes to decorating and when it comes to coloring the  Autumn seasons it my favorite in world. In real life I only enjoy the coloring but in Holland where I live the weather sucks with rain and wind most of the time. Luckely  the weather is a non issue in second life so I took my pixel dogs for a walk and took some pictures in the nice  forrest of Virginia West
This place is part of a bigger joined sim area with different landscapes based on  landscapes of different states in the United States of America. The whole area is a role play area so you can find native Amerikans there as well so be sure you wear a visitors tag. For me as a photographer it is very nice to have rez rights there as well to rez pose balls.
Make sure to take all what belongs to you when you leave this amazing place.
At the landing point follow the canal to the red billboard to enter the role play area.
On my scale of Picture Perfect Places I rate this place ✭✭✭✭✭
Enjoy your trip and have fun while you shop until you drop
Skin  { essences} @ TDR FUSION  Linka Medium01
Creator : Inka Mexicola
Hair  >TRUTH<   Tom [Female]
Creator : Truth Hawks
Top & Cape & Shorts  Valentina E. @ FaMESHed August Inverness
Creator : ValentinaEvangelista
Boots  REIGN  @ FaMESHed August  Moccasin Boots Caramel
Creator : kenadeecole
Belt RO  @ FaMESHed August  Hipster Bag Coffee
Creator : axsisthorn
Bag =Zenith=  Ping Suo Handbag Choco
Creator : Miffyhoi Rosca
Earrings  * KUNGLERS *  TDRF #045 Earrings Golden
Creator : AvaGardner Kungler
Dogs  ALCHEMY The Chapter Four   Chi Chi Chihuahua  *GACHA*
Creator Nina Helix
Location Virginia West