Monday March 2nd
Is it April the 12th already ? I can not wait !...
Season 5 of Games of Thrones will air that date.
For me living in Holland I will  be able to see that episode Monday the 13th.
The internet is already buzzing about what to expect acording to the books.
I will be in front of  my tv with bells on and as soon as the theme music starts I am in the world of Westeros , John Snow , Tyrion Lannister and the dragon lady.
Until then no other throne then this Kitty throne a RARE GACHA item from *ionic*. I hope it will be available as well in the main shop.
Enjoy your week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @ Shiny Shabby Alice ShinyShabby04
Hair [Entwined] @ Shiny Shabby Katerina
Socks Izzie's Unisex Socks
Shoes FLITE.  @ N21 Retirement 5s Torro
Sunday March 1st
On Sunday I Always need  to get a lot of things done so here just a quick post and the credits.
~uber~ is this month the place to be if you are looking for the  Summer feeling.
*League* released  one of my favorite outfits ever, a long skirt and a top that can be color changed trough HUD.
Enjoy your week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] Saily
Dress & Skirt  *League* @ ~uber~ Ananda Outfit Green
Bag REIGN. @ ~uber~  Boho Bags Wilderness
Necklace MG  @ ~uber~  Violette Cut Beads Boho
Ears  [MANDALA]  Steking Ears
Saturday February 28 - 2015
Almost 2 years ago I made my Second Life bucket list . I will get back to that list in posts to come because  there are still things on that list that "need"to be done in here.
In my real life I got a bucket list as well and on that list is learning how to skateboard.
I know how to move on skeelers and inline skates but doing my thing on a skateboard remains one bridge to far. Main reason is the fact that I am scared that I hurt my ass , back or leggs by falling down. Learning how to skate can  be done standing behind a chair that is how I learned how to ice skate as a child but that is not a possibility when it comes to rolling on a skate board.
The question is now : do I have to get rid of my fear of falling before I start rolling on a skate board or do I get rid of my fear of falling because I start rolling on a skate board ?
In Second Life my pixel ass can take a fall without any problem.
Posed here as  skate board chick trying to collect some courage on the other side of the pixel fence.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Glam Affair- @ The Chapter Four Amberly II
Hair >TRUTH< Wren
Pants + Top + Gloves Fdd @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Cirilla *GACHA*
TFGC = open untill March 15th 
Boots Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots Browns
Pose and Skate Board *Everglow* Skateboard 3
Decoration & Scenery
Basket Ball PILOT
Radio RO RetroCool BoomBox
Paint Cans ![FLIT INK]
Steps Botanical Brick Park Path
Skate Board Apple Fall Skateboard Graffiti
Tic , tac , tic , tac... The Arcade gacha clock is ticking..
The past view rounds I hold myself back and only did some gacha shopping on yardsales.
I only bought that specific items I realy "needed" and saved myself some hard Linden cash.
In time I even got a little gacha tired. At my favorite Home & Shopping blogsite Love To Decorate they held a poll : GACHA – OVER IT OR LOVE IT?  and you see more people feeling the same.
"There is always a but in this imperfect world" Anne Bronte once said and that is so true when it comes to playing gacha specialy this round of The Arcade.
I have to worn you  this round is one you can not resist.
Spring is in the Second Life Gacha air.
Break your pixel piggy bank and make your shopping list like I did mine.
Favorite machines I "need" to slap :
8f8    Anc. Ltd  Boogers Consignment  David Heather DRD  DustBunny EPIA ERRATIC ( This one is way way way my favorite Just love the English tea time theme ) Le Primtif MadPea Oyasumi Sari Sari and much so much  more !!!
On this picture I give you a pre-view of the Trompe Loeil Arcade gacha items for this round called Shotgun Shacks
 L$25 per play • 7 to collect
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact: 45
6m x 21m footprint
Single room with 2 porches and working doors
Enjoy your weekend gacha or not have fun while you shop until you drop.
To get my bloggers ideas and inspiration I am a web junkie.
In my search for  fix for pics I end up on Pinterest on a daily basis to work on my personal mood boards en  let the creative juices flow.
I collected a lot of pictures and I desided to challange myself once a week to chose one picture that struck a chord  and make a Second Life version of that picture.
PixelStyles meeting Pinterest and this is the first one.
Sophia Loren movie star and sexbomb and I just love this quote from her :
"If you haven't cried ,your eyes can't be beautiful"
The poses on the picture are not quit the same and my avi is not half as beautiful as Sophia is  but I am happy with my first challenge result.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin New Faces Alice [Summer]
Hair Analog Dog 17 Dark
Top Legal Insanity @ The Gacha Mania I ❤ Tank Grey Pastels *GACHA*
Shorts Maitreya #7 Cut Off Jeans Shorts