Sunday, February 26, 2017


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The past view day's my internet connection is a little bit off.
Slow or not loading webpages and not be able to be on second life.
It is not a personal problem, it is a provider related thing, but it makes clear that when this happens I am a little bit off myself as well.
When the problems start, I still have a sence of humor about it but ... as longer it takes the more cranky I get.
It is completely out of my controle to solve it and there are a lot of other things I could do but ....
Hello I am inkie, I am hooked on the net, an online junkie, a word wide web addict...
Like I had  drugs related problems in the past, now I am going cold turkey when I can not get online.
Good that I have a back up supplier trough my mobile network and phone.
Do I need to follow a 12 step program to unhook myself ?
Happy internetting and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LeLutka  Simone 2.6 (Bento ready)
Skin  Essences  @ Shiny Shabby Leah ( Medium02)
Hair TRUTH  HoneyAna VIP February
Make room for the Truth VIP group and spent L$350 to join, every linden well spent.
Every month a fabulous hair gift with 2 styles and all colors in the same pack.
Flowers in Hair  *LODE* Grapes and Roses [pink grapes] *GACHA RARE*
Top Atomic @ Nº21 Vitality Top Wine
Pants Ricielli   Jeans Leggings
Pose Bauhaus Movement Orihime
Flowers on the Back {anc} Secret Garden Rose { Goth Pack }
Rose Garden Lyrics ʘ͜͡ʘ   

Thursday, February 23, 2017


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Yes I finished changing my place *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** in to Spring time.
I will show you in day's to come, pieces of the decorations and try to credit as much as possible.
What better way to spent the Spring or Summer time then visiting a music festival so I set up one in Second Life.
When you come to visit  my place you see some Dutch influences and in Summer time Holland is festival country.
The The Forgotten Stage is made by Iakura Arriaga from *ionic* and I am a huge fan of the things she makes.
Her imagination is endless and I just don't have enough prim space to display all of her work she done in the past.
This stage is part of a gacha set same as the Theater bleachers , the INVISIBLE sign and the constellations.
This set is called Forgotten Theater.
You can find this gacha machine at the *ionic* main shop with much more gacha machines with great furniture goodies.
Trough my years in second life I visited a lot of shopping events ... daaaah and I played a lot of gacha as well.
I collected a lot of stuff that comes in handy when I start decorating my place.
I will give you shopping directions but I am not sure if all the designers put the gacha machines in their shop as well.
Maybe I sent you on a wild goose chage trying to find the items, my apologizes up front for that.
The Wax On/Wax Off Convertible car is from Consignment and is such an older gacha item.
I just have almost all the colors available and you can rez the car trough a HUD.
The Bicycle Cart (Italian Ice) is an older gacha  from {theosophy} but when I read the profile of the creator I see no shop link.
Searching on the second lifes google, no {theosophy} shop to be found eighter, so I run a dead end on this one.
The  happyendpark. garden parasol is an old gacha itme from {anc} and I am a huge fan of aki69 his work as well.
The  Festival Barrier is not a gacha item and is from  22769 ~ [bauwerk]
You can add your own texture to the banner so with a little work you can personalize it to your own liking.
You are welcome to drop by anytime you like.
When you need to drop pose balls or props membership is needed for the **Pixel Crazy** group.
No fee to enter, just pick up your posing stuff when you are done.
Leave you pictures at *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** Flickr group I love to see your work.
Happy traveling and have fun while you shop until you drop.


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If and when you are a Millennial, being online 24/7, watching images and movies in HD and 3D is the regular standard for you.
I come from the analog time era, yes the time before the digital sounds.
No Spotify , Soundcloud and YouTube
Listening to my favorite radio stations, recording the songs I loved so I did not  needed to go to the record shop.
I still keep some tapes  for old time sake, even when I don't have a tape recorder anymore.
Enjoy listening to your own tunes and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LeLutka  Simone 2.6 (Bento ready)
Skin - Glam Affair- @ LeLutka  Luminay ( Jamaica skin tone )
The skin comes standard with 8 eye make-ups, 8 lip colors and 8 eyebrow options.
The Glam Affair skins are a perfect match with the LeLutka heads for a long time already.
On Flickr I saw pictures with the new LeLutka mesh head called Cloe soon to be released.
She got  a more girly and innocent look and feel and I can not wait to work with her.
 Hair Base ~Tableau Vivant~ @ Collabor88 LeLutka HB3a
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~ @ Collabor88 Asiant Pony
The hairbase made for the LeLutka and CatWa mesh heads are very conveniant if you want to wear heads or caps as well.
The top , body and pants are a set from N-Uno for sale at Nº21
You can buy the pieces separate to mix and match the outfit to your own liking.
They are all part of the Olivia set.
You can shop here until March 12th and for more tips visit the Nº21 Shopping Gallery
Last but for sure not least I am showing a headphone and piercing set called Motorhead.
For sale at the Shiny Shabby shopping event made by LouLou Teichmann from Bauhaus Movement
The set is available in  gold and silver.
This round of Shiny Shabby is open until March 15th
Pose Bauhaus Movement Shana