Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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Today a mix and match post with items gathered from different shopping events.
A rather new monthly shopping event is Lost & Found.
I just love the look and feel of this event.
It looks like a vintage antique market for clothing, furniture and more.
This 3th round will be open until December 1st.
For hints and directions visit the shopping gallery.
Another "new"event for me is the Creators Collection Box
This round will be open until December 12th
The Fantasy Collective is celebrating their second birthday.
To celebrate the birtday of the Collective bargain sales and free gifts.
Open until December 15th.
Shiny Shabby monthly vintage shopping event.
Open until December 10th.
For more shopping, hunt and yardsale  knowledge visit the Seraphim blogsite
Have fun while you shop until your drop.
Building Apple Fall Old Manufactory *NEW*
Couch Dad DESIGN @ Lost & Found Recycled Vintage Tub Sofa
How well made  is this couch by sheerpetal Roussel, out of an old bathtub.
The Recycled Ladder Bookshelf is made by Sheerpetal as well and is available at The Fantasy Collective
Lamps Apt B @ Shiny Shabby  Goodbye Autumn Light 2 *GACHA*
Apt B  Goodbye Autumn Ladder @ Shiny Shabby  *GACHA*
.:revival:. Deco Signs Metal @ Shiny Shabby
Tropical Plant -Glam Affair- @ Lost & Found *GACHA*

Monday, November 23, 2015


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After November Friday the 13th , life in Europe will never be the same.
Liberté , égalité and fraternité the national motto of France and Haïti is under attack.
Freedom , equality and brotherhood , visions we almost took for granted are not so self-evident anymore.
What to do, how to react and how to act ?
Trending topics on all the talk shows on tv  and on the social media.
"Don't be afraid that is what  "they" want "...........
How not to be afraid ....... somebody  can answer how to do that ?
Are "we" at war or only under attack ?
I really don't know ..... I just hope and dream ......
Bela Tolson creator and designer of *Tuttifrutti*  made this peace sweater and I think we all should wear this sweater in years to come.
The sweater is on sale at My Attic for only 99 Lindens and you get a red one in the same buy.
Body Maitreya Lara
Mesh head [LeLutka]  v1.3 Lotte
Skin [PUMEC] @ Shiny Shabby  Ruslana
Appliers for Lelutka, Slink, Genesis Lab, CatWa, The Mesh Project and LOGO in the same pack.
In the pack also a body apllier HUD for the Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP and all the different mesh body parts.
I salute the skin creator  otyebis  for all the hard work to accommodate us,  all in just one pack.
Hair >TRUTH< Nathalia
Pants Maitreya Biker Jeans #3 *NEW*
Jeans made for the Lara mesh body with a boots and a long version.
There is also a standard size pack in the same buy.
Boots The Sugar Garden @ The Kawaii Project Bow Booties Red
Pose Amitié Poses Tabatha 01 ( with a little editing myself )

Sunday, November 22, 2015


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This is post number 1300 !!
1300 thoughts and looks  in almost 5.5 years.
Is this the end of my bloggers road ?
No way ... to much is happening in  designers land to quit.
I feel inspired almost every day and try to get better picture by picture.
I like to say  thanks to all the designers and creators in second life.
Without you I am lost as a blogger.
Special gratitude goes to the Pixel Styles Creators who sent me their work so I can stay in some kind of budget.
Also a word of thanks to [SL] Blogger Support my source of knowledge and wisdom.
And to all the other bloggers and photographers  in second life there is room for all of us.
On to the next 1300 and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LOGO Alex v3.0
Head Applier -Glam Affair- @ Shiny Shabby Melanie *GACHA*
Hair .:EMO-tions:. Adele
Dress Legal Insanity Black Dress *NOVEMBER GROUP GIFT*
Dress comes with Maitreya , Belleza , Slink and the standard  avatar option.
Coat ** DIRAM **Très Chic Jelena Shoulder Coat Black&White
Boots & Warmers @ N.21 Emily Boots
Suitcase (Yummy) @ N.21 Valena Box Purse
Glasses Izzie's Round Tortoiseshell
Flower in Mouth *LODE* @ Shiny Shabby  Aroma Flower for Mouth Creme
Pose .ploom. Winter is Here 3


In all the Peter Pan movies I saw I think Dustin Hoffman was the best captain in the movie Hook.
Before making this post I watched the whole movie again.
Is there something from the  personality of Hook inside of me ?
Maybe yes , his obsession with time and ticking clocks gets to me sometime as well.
Enchantment   is still open until December 4th.
You will find a wonderful Neverland there where the best designers show their view on this fairy tale.
Enchant your Sunday and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LOGO Alex v3.0
Head Applier -Glam Affair- @ Shiny Shabby Melanie *GACHA*
Hair rezology Side Braid
Top & Pants Dead DollzEnchantment  Polly Outfit Black
Hat Remarkable Oblivion  @ Enchantment  Admiral Black
Pose { exposeur } Cowgirl Up !
Desk [ Tia ]Enchantment  Captain's Desk
Hook on the Desk [NC]  @ Enchantment  The Captain's Hook
Clock 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Enchantment  Neverland Clock
House Apple Fall Old Manufactory *NEW*

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Click picture to get a closer view.
Fly (TP) to Neverland hosted by Enchantment and be amazed and bedazzled.
NOMAD  Pirate Daybed  Red @ Enchantment 
{what next} Northern Lights Hot Air Balloon
 Skye Four Season Oak Tree

Friday, November 20, 2015


Click the pictures to get a closer view.
Maximillion Grant owner of LOGO thought it was time to update the Alex mesh head.
Showing you on the pictures the updated Alex v3.0
If you bought the head some time ago you , the new  version will be sent to you automaticly.
Like clock work Aida Ewing, talented skin designer from -Glam Affair- made appliers for this head.
The appliers are gacha items called Melanie available at the new Shiny Shabby round.
Rain, storm and fear  are ruling Holland.
Where is the snow .... where is the ice ..... where is the love......
Make it is peaceful weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LOGO Alex v3.0
Head Applier -Glam Affair- @ Shiny Shabby Melanie *GACHA*
Hair & Hat  *booN @ Très Chic Lab.002
Eyes IKON Charm Eyes Moor
Jumper **FA CREATIONS** Kristy Jumper
The jumper comes with a color chaning HUD with 6 different textures.
Armwarmers *Fishy Strawberry* Armwarmers
For the Freya , Isis , Maitreya , Slink and Venus mesh body's.
Skates N-core  @ K U S T O M 9 Skates Choco
The combinations on the skates are endless.
With the HUD you change in to  an ice skater, roller skater of just to boots.
With or without legwarmers you can choose them in 10 colors.
2 very nice AO's in the same package as well so you can move like an ice capades dancer.
Pose RACK Poses Ice Skating 4

Thursday, November 19, 2015


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Do you remember the feeling at school when it was Friday afternoon ?
The fibe of suspense that was  going around in the classroom.
2 Days no school, only a world of freedom in vision.
Shall I build a hut with friends or go boating instead ?
Will we eat pizza or pancakes with ice ?
No alarm clock , sleeping in for a loooooooong time.
Although I could not wait for the weekends to begin and altough I had my complaining moments about
the fact that "they"made me go to school to begin with.
I think every child have a right to get a decent education.
Good to see that there are  people in this world make that right their main goal in life.
In a world that becoming more unsafe and violent every day I keep my eye on those people.
"I dream for a world which is free of child labour,
a world in which every child goes to school.
A world in which every child gets his rights."
                                                  Kailash Satyarthi
Body Maitreya Lara
Head CatWa Annie
Skin ESSENCES  @ Cosmopolitan Yati
Hurry only a view days left for the Cosmo event.
Hair rezology  Beach Bun
Sweater & Skirt ::C'est la vie!:: @ The Chapter Four Paula Look Mustard
Sneakers Pure Poison Nikko Sneakers   
Glasses HOC Industries Glasses Rectangle
Pose !bang Stand 540M