Monday, September 1, 2014


Monday for sure is not my favorite day of the week and I know that I am not the only one feeling this.
To match my Monday doom feeling I made some kick ass pictures.
Most of the items I show here are available @ ~uber~  and this months theme is Apocalypse. Each item for sale there is high in quality and it brings skins , hair , clothing , shoes and furniture.
 If and when you have a FaceBook account like the ~uber~ page to stay updated. For the photographers out there who make pictures with items purchased @ ~uber~ you can post your pictures on the ~uber~Flickr page and you can see how others play with each months theme.
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @  ~uber~ Artemis Jamaica TheLastDays 06 G
Creator : aida Ewing
Hair  Exile  @ ~uber~ Day The World Went Away
Creator :  Kavar Cleanslate
Dress  C A N D Y D O L L  @  ~uber~ Twist Dress/Corset/ Belt
Creator : Rebeca Dembo
Socks  C A N D Y D O L L  @  ~uber~  Twist Socks Black
Shoes &  KneePads  *COCO*  @ ~uber~  Lace-UpBoots Dark Olive
Creator : cocoro Lemon
Necklace  MG  @  ~uber~ Ukai's Talisman
Creator : Maxi Gossamer
Collar Zibska Posey
Creator : Zib Scaggs
Poses  & Prop Exposeur  Mean Machine
Creator : RubyStarlight Writer 
Decoration & Scenery
Chairs  junk  Recycled Theatre Seats Vintage
Creator : Tab Tatham
Soda Machine Valiant & Co  Soda Machine Rust
Creator : Valiantco
Dog Puppy Lab Crouching Mesh
Creator : Hannah Kozlowski
Air Tank  Soy.  @  ~uber~ My Lung Air Tank
Creator : Soyoy
Cat  Bad Katz  Mesh Cat Pose 3 Calico
Creator : Katz Republic
Shelf on Wall Valiant & Co @ ~uber~ Jack's Bugout Shelter- Weapon
Creator : Valiantco
Books  8f8  Our Secret Hideout Crate *OLD GACHA*
Creator : 8f8


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today on my free Sunday I did some traveling again to find myself a nice photo shoot location to show you some last COLLABOR88 pieces of the  2 anniversary edition.
Tomorrow The Arcade insanity will  begin and the new round of FaMESHed will be opened as well at the same day but if you can't get in one of them or you want to shop without lag this is "the"place to be.
There is a new piece of Japan in second life called Koto Project a  Role Play  sim based on the edo period. Visotors are welcome but respect those who come here to roleplay.
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin Izzie's  Neva Asian Skin Rosy
Creator : Izzie Button
Hair ""D!va""  @  COLLABOR88 August Juno Moonstone
Creator : Marisa Kira
Dress  The Secret Store @ COLLABOR88 August Odyssey Dress Eggplant
Creator : Maylee Oh
Shoes Maitreya  Gold @ COLLABOR88 August  Antheia Sandal Plum
Creator : Onyx LeShelle
Hair Decor =Kio Kio=  Oriental Desire *GACHA ITEM*
Creator : Kioko Kumaki
Earrings [MG]  Keisha Pebble
Creator : Maxi Gossamer
Location :  Koto Project
Blog Site : Koto Project

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Because  I was decorating for an entire week I am way behind on my bloggers to do list.
When I saw this dress made by Athayus Quan from ALLURE  some time ago the Justin Timberlake song popped in my head and was stuck there for days.
♫ ♪ Take it to the bridge ♪ ♫
Skin -Belleza-  Beth Pale
Creator : Shyla Diggs
Hair Analog Dog Pop Scotch  *OLD HAIR FAIR GIFT*
Creator : Queue Marlowe
Dress ALLURE  Open Back Mini Dress India
Designer : Athayus Quan
Shoes [L.Warwick] Aurora Platform Heels Spiked Patent Cherry
Designer : Lindsey Warwick
Clutch ^^Swallow^^ Single Lady Clutch Red
Creator : Luciayes Magic
Necklace & Bracelet =Zenith=  Black Leather Gray Stone Silver
Designer : Miffyhoi Rosca

Friday, August 29, 2014


I worked with different kind of windlightsettings made by Annan Adored more about windlightsettings on [ SL ] Blogger Support
1st Picture
Big Tree Studio Skye  Four Season Oak Tree  *NEW*
Creator : Alex Bader
House Trompe Loeil  Rivershire Waterwheel
Creator : Cory Edo
Wagon  Artilleri Old Wagon with Pumpkin
Creator : Antonia Marat
Grass ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Season Long Grass
Creator : Sweetgwendoline Bailey
2cond Picture
Carr [aR] Productions Quatrellev1.0
Creator : arton Rotaru
Building L2 Kowloon Memory
Creator : Lindini2 Lane
News Stand & Bus Stop Build Works
Creator : Ediz Moonwall
Gas Pump Oyasumi @ TCL Gas Pump
Creator : Kenzo Gateaux
Tires  Soy. @ TLC
Creator : Soyoy 
3th Picture
Lighthouse Culprit Wayfarer's Rest
Creator : eku Zhong
Truck AS Pick-Up 4x4
Creator : armysstone
Trees Next to House LAQ DECOR Large Birch Autumn
Creator : Winter DiPrima
Road *HPMD*  Dirt Road
Creator : Sasaya Kayo
4th Picture
Trees [DDD]  5 Pack Mesh Trees
Creator : Kalia Firelyte
Road Sign  (epia) All Directions Roadsign *OLD GACHA*
Creator : Verone Potez

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yes I made it, after days of hard labour on counting the prims pulling and sliding the furniture and placing   swirling leafs and falling rains ....
Decorated in an Autumn color pallet.
The place is open for public 24/7 and you are welcome to visit anytime.
I try to credit as much items as possible in this post to give homage to the builders and home and garden designers out there. My inventory numbers increased big time because there are so many beautiful items so I could not restrickt myself. More pictues in the next post.
Enjoy  decorating and have fun while you shop until you drop.
1st Picture
Road HPMD* Dirt Road
Creator : Sasaya Kayo
Trees Studio Skye  Enchanted Woods v2
Creator Alex Bader
Burning Leafs e-brink Smoking Leaf Pile
Creator : Ebrink Fugue
More ground leafs there that make crispy noises walking trough them.
Tent Kuro Max's Hideout Tent *OLD GACHA*
Creator : Luana Dawg
2nd Picture
You only see the  roof of the house in later posts I will show more.
The  textures and colors are amazing and it is only 116 land impact.
House Culprit Village Cottage Provence
Creator : eku Zhong
Ground Fanatik Rocky Island
Creator : Kendra  Zaurak
Weeping Willow 3D TREES  Weeping Willow Autumn
Creator : Nadine Reverie
Chairs & Tables Trompe Loeil Valiano Bistro
Creator : Cory Edo
3th Picture
Fountain  [ Tia ] Tuscany Aquarious Fountain
Creator : Tia Biscuit
Creator : Hideki Carami
House on Right L2 Studio Austin Mini
Only 42 Land Impact
Creator : Lindini2 Lane

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Last Summer shots  from the beach of ***  Beautiful 4  Seasons  ***
I am packing up and move along.
In 2 weeks the place will be closed and I will be in search of falling leafs , pumpkins , falling rains  and blowing winds to change in to  Autumn season.
Because I  started to clean up the place, the inventory numbers I redusesd so enthusiastically the past view days  is slowly increasing again. So my epic " how low can this girl go in dropping her inventory numbers " is coming to a hold. This weekend I will have some more  time to dig in deep  and delete more outdated items. Changing the scenery will bring up heavy prim items as well maybe it is time to trough that away and up-mesh my decorations.
Lara Hurley made a fabulous flawless new skin called Fae available @ ~uber~ until August 29th.  I did some experiments with windlightsettings so both of the pictures are the midtone skin.
I stop typing for now  have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin  Lara Hurley  @  ~uber~ Fae Pastels Midtone
Designer : Lara Hurley
Hair  Analog Dog  Norma
Designer : Queue Marlowe
Top  Cracked Mirror  Apprentice Sweater Blue
Designer : Cracked Mirror
Shorts  /erratic/  ~uber~  Lena Shorts Denim Black
Designer : Erratic Rain
Boots  **BAIASTICE**  Knee Platform Stretch Boots Suede Sapphire
Designer : Sissy Pessoa
Bag  ATTUI  Beach Bag Blue Ocean *OLD GACHA*
Creator : Jesseaitui Petion
Earrings  [MANDALA]  CharaChara Earrings Navy
Designer : kikunosuke Eel