Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ყiРРყყყყყყ !!!!!

My karma bin trough a SL test again and I game out strong !! I kept my calm during the crashing storm. I did some yoga , inhaled and exhaled  and kept in touch with my inner peacefull self. The battle of the viewers continues on this side. Every day I discover new benefits or errors in the diffrent viewer options I try out. All the tips on the diffrent viewers hit my IM box I am open to anything to keep my cool in here. I am posting the pictures for today SL is not letting me back in again so the SLURL will follow tomorrow when SL and I are on speaking terms again. Have fun stay calm and don't break anything !!

Skin  MOJO   Lovely 2  Chestnut 
Hair [LeLutka]  Happy Holidays   #  GIFT
Dress  (Hot Mood)  Hoodie Dress Grey  # NEW
Boots  Graffittiwear  Brown & Charcoal Snowbell Boots  # NEW
Scarf   **AOHARU**  Knit Scarf G2 Nordic Brown
Tights  [LeeZu!]  LaLun Tights Bronce
Sock *GP*   Button Socks
Pearcing  [MANDALA]   Takayama Gold
Bangles  *TuttiFrutti*  Nature Bangles Rose
Watch   ISON  Vipera Watch  Silver
Bag   **BAIASTICE**  Plastic ICE-hand Bag

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today I snapped myself out of the Christmas state of mind and searched for a location  that was not staged in a Chrismas book by Charles Dickens. Enough is enough we eat ourself full with turkey or other goumet food  visit our famely or our famely visit us and maby went to church and had a moment of reflection but I have enough of it all. Time to move on and time to look forwards to the new year to come. Oepssss time to make New Year resolutions ?? mmm I will think about that one still got 3 days to go to come up with some thing.
How do you like the skin I am posting today ?? I just  L❥VE  it !!! It is the groupgift of  Belleza  and it is worth the fee of every Linden $ to get in the group !!!

Skin  Belleza  Lily  Red  # X-MASS GROUP GIFT
Hair  "LoQ" Baileys  Hypnotic Red
Eyes  FASFHISM   Sunrise Eyes Green
Dress   *Bliss Couture*  Zerbino Dress
Shoes  :)(: PIXELFASHION   Mya Clogs Red
Gloves  LaGyo   Zarema Gloves Croco Black
Cigarette  [Dolly]  Ciggy Holder
Stockings Izzie's  Tights Abstract
Bag  Izzie's  Leona Bag *tropical red*
Glasses K_gs   Aquila Kumaki Sunglasses
Poses  *agapee*  fe112
Location  Forgotten City


Beginning this post to thank all designers who bin very generous this week sending out great Christmas pressents for group members or group joiners. I will post some of them but I don't know if it is still possible to get them now. Mallaory Cowen owner and designer of  LAQ skins  made this wonderfull skin and made it her Chrismas pressent to her costumers and I  L❥VE it.
Skin  LAQ  Ebba Peach  # CHRISTMAS GIFT 2011
Eyes  FASHISM  Deep Arabian Blue
Hair MINA  Victoria  # NEW
Dress **::MAYDEN COUTURE::**  Giuly Red  # NEW
Boots  **::MAYDEN COUTURE::**  Soana Boots  # NEW
Nails :: PM :: Winter Set  # TTB SUBSCRIBERS GIFT
Poses  Izzie's  Pencil Skirt 5

Sunday, December 25, 2011


A last post this year about Christmas I hope you all had a great one. Presenting myself as a late Christmas  gift with bow and candy cane. The dress if from **GizzA** and I   L❥VE  this one for sure. Thank you iozi Wasp for giving me the candy cane and for letting me crash my pixel ass ....... again.

Skin  .ILLUSORY.   @  COLLABOR88  Love Honey Winter Edge  # L$88
Make-Up  [moch]  Basically Pinkaboo!  # GROUP GIFT
Hair  Merry*Doll   Fluffy Tail
Hat  *League*  Burlesque Rose Yuletide Mini  # FREE GIFT
Dress  **GizzA**   Gardenia Coctail Dress  [Sequin]
Stockings  Izzie's Tights Stars
Socks  *GF*  Button Socks KneeHigh  Beige
Shows  N-core  Coquette Glitter
Earrings  [ glow ]  @  TDR  Kurba Earrings Red
Bag  **BAIASTICE**  Millenium Star
Watch  ISON  Vipera Watch Gold
Candy Cane  # iozi GIFT
Poses *agapee* 

Saturday, December 24, 2011


                  Today I wish a blessed and peacefull  Christmas                         To you and all of your loved ones out there
With big thanks to Ethan Rumpler for the great skin groupgift of  MOJO  and Giz Seorn for the fabulous group gift from GizzA

Skin  MOJO   Maraia  # GROUP GIFT
Dress  GizzA  # Christmas # GROUP GIFT
Eyes  FASHISM  Sunrise Eyes  Deep Silver
Head Piece   Vita's Boudoir   Christmas Goddess
Stole  !Ohmai  @  COLLARBOR88  A Lil' Foxy  # L$88
Gloves  The Secret Store   Fine Gloves White
Ring  CHOP ZUEY  Vision of Sugarplums Ring  # NEW
Poses  *agapee*
Location Izzie's   

Thursday, December 22, 2011


OMG yes today SL was one of those horror days I thought were over but ☠ ☠ ☠ what was I thinking. I managed between crashing to take just 3 pictures so no sessions after the photo shoot which picture is good enough to enter this post
This is it મ today wearing items I  L❥VE  from Grafitti Wear . I showed this dress in anoter color some days ago but could not resist to show this one in purple as well.

Skin  .ILLUSORY..COLLABOR88  Love Chai Winter Edge  # L$88
Make-Up  [mock] Everwinter Lip Jelle  # GROUPGIFT
Hair  >TRUTH<  Blair
Dress  Graffitiwear   Winter Wooly Lilac  # NEW
Boots   Graffitiwear   Trashy Snowbell Boots  # NEW
Tights  Izzie's  Tights I <3 U
Socks   tulip.  Knee Socks (Blue & Purple)
Tattoo  URCo Snow Tattoo
Belt  [MANDALA] Mikito Belt Navy Blue
Sunglasses  [BUKKA]  Sunglasses Surf Blond & Pink
Bracelets & Necklace  Izzie's  Pearl Blue
Location  MOJO Mainstore

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


SL is looking a little better then a couple of days before. Rezzing my pixels is not a day time job anymore and my inventorey is full and overloaded as it always is. I am dressed today in grey the color that is sooooooooo SL.
Next round of TFG started Monday and look @  the skin from { .esssence. }   available there for only L$70 !!!

Skin  { .essences.}  @  TFG  Azalia   # L$70 !!!
Hair  =^.^=Nikita Fride Designer=^.^= Night Owl Hair
Jacket  [Echo]  Dissonance Cape  Grey
Pants  [LeeZu!]  Milan Pants / GrayBrown
Shoes   lassitude & ennui  Skully Pumps Black
Scarf  ::je suis::  Intemporel Scarf  Greys
Stockings  Izzie's  Overknee Socks  Grey
Socks  Izzie's  Garter Socks White
Muffler  LG-CONCEPT  Fur Muffler Black
Bag  [LeLutka]  Sack Bag White

Sunday, December 18, 2011


PPPFFFfffftt I was finely  able to make some pictures between crashing and rezzing. And to be honest after almost 1 week of SL horror I am about to give up. I got now 5 diffrent viewers installed and everyone of them giving me diffrent issues and disabled functions. And yes I cleaned out my PC already I did a complete system cleaning twice now but still the shit is hitting the SL fan over and over again. Still open for sugestions and tips to overcome this horror of not able to log and not rezzing my pixelass.
Beside my SL technical issues I managed to go to The Dressing Room and this edition is a must see for everybody. I got the skin the bag and the earrings I am wearing in this post from there so take your limo and shop untill you drop there and don't you  L❥VE my dress / sweater made by  Chalice Piers designer of Graffitiwear  available in 4 fabulous colors.

Skin  Glam Affair  @  TDR  Layla Lights Tropicana
Hair   [LeLutka]  Jolie BlondFun
Dress   Graffitiwear   Scarlet Wooly Dress  # NEW
Pants  *League*  @   Four Corners  Event  Zipped Leather Pants  Diesel  # NEW
Inner Sweater  [ LeeZu! ]  Loui Pullover Woodbrown
Shoes   RERTY NAXOS  Supa-R Suede
Socks  Maitreya  Scrunched Prim Socks
Belt  [MANDALA]  Mikoto Belt Navy / Black
Ring  CHOP ZUEY  Visions of Sugarplums Ring  # NEW
Bag   LaGyo  @  TDR  The  Desperado Bag  # NEW
Earrings  [ glow ]  @  TDR  Kurba Earrings Red
Glasses  [ Gos ] Butterfly  Sunglasses
Poses  *agapee*  fe112

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sorry for skipping some days with posting I was fed up with SL and the technical drama that I experienced the past view days. Thanks to for all the help trying to fix the mess and altough it is not totaly fixed I was able to rezz my pixels and went out for a photo shoot to Izzie's shop because the landscape looks fabulous a total amazing ☃ Winter ☃  wonderland.

Skin  [ Al Vulo! ]  [ May ] Ghost of the Past Porcelain
Hair  *{ SeVered GarDeN}*  Priska Hair  # NEW
Dress  .::PiCHi::  @ CHIC FL  Knitted Cable Dress Rose
Pants  [ Aura ]  Worn But Loved Jeans Navy
Boots *{ SeVered GarDeN}*  Zuffy Boots  # NEW
Gloves  *League*  Sheepskin Mittens  Berry
Back  ::Mr.Poet::  Leather Backpack
Scarf  ***AOHARU***  Knit Scarf G2 MultiStripe Pink
Belt ~Pepper~  Jeans Belt
Location IZZIE'S

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Damn ffs excuse my language but the SL horror continues. My pixel ass not rezzing for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and I had this poncho to show you but it took me hours to finely come out of an orange mist. It did not matter what viewer I used the old Phoenix the mesh supporting Firestorm release or the latest Linden V3 viewer I keep on having issues on a major level.
Thank you all for giving me pointers and tips how to fix my problems still working on it but Belle Roussel made me smile  coming out with a fabulous line of jewellery for the holliday season take your ride to CHOP ZUEY and see for yourself

Skin  F I L T H Y__S K I N S   Beach Tan # NOVEMBER GROUP GIFT
Hair  ::::IrEn::::  Iced Brown
Poncho  ***AOHARU***  Pocho Cardigan Red
Skirt  [Aura]  @  COLLABOR88  Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil (MESH)
Shirt  ::GB::  Highneck Sweater
Stockings  ** [ Riddle ] **  Alluring Argyle Stockings
Boots  DRD  Bootslazy 3 Xmas 1
Ring & Bracelet   CHOP ZUEY  Vision of Sugarplums  # NEW
Belt [BUKKA]   Double Ring Belt
Poses *agapee*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


ಠ_ಠ  GrrrrRRRrrr  ಠ_ಠ I had the worst days of my SL !! You name it , it happend to me the last 2 days. Failing to log in sooo many times , crashing my pixel ass over and over again , a non rezzing avi and me behind the keybord cursing and praying @ the same time hoping to rezz. An empty inventory over and over again leaving me in total shock everytime although I know by clearing the cache it is coming back. Went  to a empty non scripted sim to do a female character test so many times I started to like the dottet dress I was wearing. Installing and re-installing all kind of viewers and cleaing out my entire PC It was the worst case of Murphys law and I almost gave up.
Finely I managed to make some pictures in my studio because going out on a photoshoot  was no option I  did not want to upset my karma all over  again. To all of you diehards  who never give up as well , happy shopping and give SL a big hand and ~ ★.·°·.·☆らTâℕⅅℹℕǤ  Ⓞ√âTℹⓄℕ ★.·°·.·☆ ~

Skin   MONS  Odela3 Tan
Hair  Tameless   Nadine
Hat + Jacket  **BAIASTICE**   Iko Fur Jacket Short Black Mink
Pants  {Happy}  Release the Hounds!  # NEW
Shirt  (TokiD)  @  COLLABOR88   Winter Edge Shirt  # L$88
Fur Stole  !Ohmai  @  COLLABOR88   A Lil' Foxy  # L$88
Tights  Izzie's  Tights Chess
Boots   AZOURY  Les Bottines Doll Noire
Gloves  . S h i .  Leather Glove Black
Glasses  SWEET LEONARD  My Lill Squirrel <3 Glasses
Ring  { Rangs}  @  CHIC FL  Flowering Ring
Bag  WOot  Bag Flowers  # NEW

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Damn weekend is over  I laid in my bed most of the time feeling sick and have to go to the office tomorrow again. For now a post from the Winter Fair 2011 and the good thing is no lag so take a trip there. Maitreya went mesh as well the boots are available in mesh and in rigged mesh and I  L❥VE them !!

Skin  .ILLUSORY.  @  COLLABOR88  Love Latte Winter Edge # L$88
Hair VANITY  FanFan Teen Blonde  # GROUP GIFT
Dress  ***AOHARU***  3 Way  CablesKnit Dress Ivory
Pants  {Happy}  Riding Pant (Brown)
Boots  Maitreya  Radical Boots Chestnut (Unrigged Mesh)  # NEW
Glasses  [ S L U G ]  Club Master Shades  Zebra
Headphone  *booN   Headphone Plain
Boombox  ...::: S C R U B :::... '80 Boombox
Poses **agapee**  Gown040
Location  WINTER FAIR 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011


So many things to share with you and so little time to do it. Maby it is the weather outside but I can not get rid of my cold and I am feeling sick again.
Today a combination of new mesh designs and bargains from shopping projects  COLLABOR88  and The Fashion Garret. If and when you are not mesh ready get to it !!! Mesh 3rd party viewers  Mesh is taking SL by storm and there is no turning back !!! I  L❥VE  this skirt made by Tyr  Rozenblum and I am happy to see her designs back after she closed the doors of her shop Grixdale.

Skin   .ILLUSORY.   @  COLLABOR88  Love Caramel Winter Edge # L$88
Hat  MAYFAIR   [celoe.nile.hat.sienna]  (MESH)  #NEW
Hair Maitreya  Lila Cacoa
Cardigan  VACKRA  @  TFG  Rashida Cardigan  Burnt
Skirt [Aura]  @  COLLABOR88  Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil Skirt (MESH) # L$88
Boots  .:L&B:.  Elise Ankle Boots
Gloves  LaGyo  Zarema Gloves Black
Bag  LaGyo  The Apasionado Bag  # NEW
Scarf  ::je suis::   Intemporel Scarf Orange
Tights  tulip.  Knee Socks Orange/Red
Necklace   *A BirdSong*  Feathers Of A Heart
Ring   CHOP  ZUEY  LW Au Leaves Ring
Poses  *agapee*  Gown040

Thursday, December 08, 2011


On one of my shopping expeditions I found this great hair  [ - L . i . k . e . L . i - ]    and I  L❥VE  it !! The December groupgift of  F I L T H Y__S K I N S  is fabulous as usual so thank you Alexandra Barcelos  for creating and giving so generous every month. And yes it is almost weekend !! You all have a nice day have fun and shop untill you drop

Make-Up (Eyes) [mock]  Basically Alma  # GROUP GIFT
Hair  [ - L . i . k . e . L . i - ]   Black Curly'Fro
Dress {Happy}  Lunar Dress (Gray)
Cardigan   tulip.  Empty Hearts (Forest)
Socks tulip.  Knee Socks (Brown Green)
Boots  *Crazy*  Wedge Moscow Boots
Stockings  [LeeZu!]  LaLun Tights Bronce
Belt  *COCO*  WideWaist Belt Brown  # SALE
Scarf  Izzie's  Knit Scarf Multicolor Red  # LAZY SUNDAY ITEM
Bag with Poses  ABS   @  TTB II  Hand Bag Pose Pack

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Is it me or is this work week take longer then usual? It is only Wednesday and I can't wait till it is weekend. Today a mesh item again ( are you already on a viewer  that supports mesh ? ) In the future more mesh items to come. The items I saw untill now I   L❥VE  and I will show you why I like them so much.
I found a great shopping location called Warrumbungles  a must see for people who love nice little shops with a decor so well made that I made my pictures  for today's post  there.
Skin  ~LaVie~ Rachel #15 Sunkissed  # NEW
Hair   MINA  @  je suis  Christmas Market 2011  Freija  (Mesh Hat)  # NEW
Coat  {.essences.}  @  TFG  Peruvian Jacket Ketchup  # NEW
Pants +grasp+  Leather Pants
Shoes   . S h i   Sanguine Ankle Heel Black
Scarf  ***AOHARU***  KnitScarf g2 Nordic Red
Belt   *JD* DESIGN   Waist Belt Black Rings
Glasses  [BUKKA] Sunglasses Glossy
Bag  A S O ! PaperBag 02
Gloves  Izzie's Leather Gloves Black  # NEW
Poses  **agapee** Gown

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Yes I know it is Winter and yes I know SL has become a Winter snow globe with places  with a décor just  out of a Christmas book by Charles Dickens. But I felt pink today so no snow boots and Christmas trees but I went to the forrest and picked flowers and made pictures to prove it .
٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ Tomorrow hats and scarfs again or maby not ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Skin  Lara Hurley  Sue Tan  # NEW
Hair  Maitreya  Lila Cacao
Hat [Gos]  Floppy Hat with Scarf
Shirt  *COCO*  SkinnyTie & Shirt (White)  # SALE
Cardigan  Peqe  Wool Barbie Knit Cardi
Pants I ALEIDA I Gurli Highwaist Curdroy  Plum
( Shop closed for maintenance  till 10th December )
Necklace + Bracelets   CHOP ZUEY  Carol of the Bells Set White   #NEW
Nails [MANDALA] Female Nails Long
Ring  LaGyo  Sedrah Ring  # NEW
Bag   *YS&YS*  SoHo Bag Ice
Poses ( Sorry I forgot what poses I used )