Tuesday, December 13, 2011


ಠ_ಠ  GrrrrRRRrrr  ಠ_ಠ I had the worst days of my SL !! You name it , it happend to me the last 2 days. Failing to log in sooo many times , crashing my pixel ass over and over again , a non rezzing avi and me behind the keybord cursing and praying @ the same time hoping to rezz. An empty inventory over and over again leaving me in total shock everytime although I know by clearing the cache it is coming back. Went  to a empty non scripted sim to do a female character test so many times I started to like the dottet dress I was wearing. Installing and re-installing all kind of viewers and cleaing out my entire PC It was the worst case of Murphys law and I almost gave up.
Finely I managed to make some pictures in my studio because going out on a photoshoot  was no option I  did not want to upset my karma all over  again. To all of you diehards  who never give up as well , happy shopping and give SL a big hand and ~ ★.·°·.·☆らTâℕⅅℹℕǤ  Ⓞ√âTℹⓄℕ ★.·°·.·☆ ~

Skin   MONS  Odela3 Tan
Hair  Tameless   Nadine
Hat + Jacket  **BAIASTICE**   Iko Fur Jacket Short Black Mink
Pants  {Happy}  Release the Hounds!  # NEW
Shirt  (TokiD)  @  COLLABOR88   Winter Edge Shirt  # L$88
Fur Stole  !Ohmai  @  COLLABOR88   A Lil' Foxy  # L$88
Tights  Izzie's  Tights Chess
Boots   AZOURY  Les Bottines Doll Noire
Gloves  . S h i .  Leather Glove Black
Glasses  SWEET LEONARD  My Lill Squirrel <3 Glasses
Ring  { Rangs}  @  CHIC FL  Flowering Ring
Bag  WOot  Bag Flowers  # NEW

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