Thursday, December 15, 2011


Damn ffs excuse my language but the SL horror continues. My pixel ass not rezzing for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and I had this poncho to show you but it took me hours to finely come out of an orange mist. It did not matter what viewer I used the old Phoenix the mesh supporting Firestorm release or the latest Linden V3 viewer I keep on having issues on a major level.
Thank you all for giving me pointers and tips how to fix my problems still working on it but Belle Roussel made me smile  coming out with a fabulous line of jewellery for the holliday season take your ride to CHOP ZUEY and see for yourself

Skin  F I L T H Y__S K I N S   Beach Tan # NOVEMBER GROUP GIFT
Hair  ::::IrEn::::  Iced Brown
Poncho  ***AOHARU***  Pocho Cardigan Red
Skirt  [Aura]  @  COLLABOR88  Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil (MESH)
Shirt  ::GB::  Highneck Sweater
Stockings  ** [ Riddle ] **  Alluring Argyle Stockings
Boots  DRD  Bootslazy 3 Xmas 1
Ring & Bracelet   CHOP ZUEY  Vision of Sugarplums  # NEW
Belt [BUKKA]   Double Ring Belt
Poses *agapee*

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