Saturday, August 11, 2012


This weeks color on Luna's challenge is a royal expensive color. It is an old color made by a mollusc sort and ....... urine Yes you hear me right When searching on the world wide web I found a little documentery about the origine of tyrian purple and  to make this color they use human urine as well. And because the prosses of making this dye , was  very time consuming it was very exspensive as well. So only the extreme rich of the earth, the Popes , Kings & Queens were able to effort to ware clothes dyed in this color. I was wondering if the expression "filthy rich" got it's origin here.
This week I am having major issues inworld with getting my pictures clear and sharp. For some reason the skins are not rezzing as they are supposed to do( and yes I used Cotrl Alt R all the time ). With a lot of patience I was able to make 2 shots but not a full body shot this time.
Past year mesh items are taking second life by storm and I am a big as fan as everybody else but I am not sure  about mesh hair. Don't get me wrong for taking pictures they are great but in motion it does have a flow to it specialy the long hairs. Nita Bracken designer of Tameless Hair is meeting me in the middle with a combination of both flex hair as mesh in one hairstyle so this hair is moving when I am dancing. Have  a plessant Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week.

Skin  -Glam Affair--  @  COLLABOR88  Roza BaroQ  01  # L88
Hair Tameless   Alexia  # NEW   Nita Bracken
Hair band  .:: YoPulga::.  Polka Dot Hairband
Dress  e!   @  Vintage Fair 2012 ( Classic Sim )  Tanya Dress (Strawberry)
Glasses [*RG*]   Neo V1.1
Necklace [ glow ] Pearl Cross Necklace & Pearls in a Row
Hands  Slink   De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed Set 1
Bracelets  *League*  Pearls & Lace Bracelets
Sorry the last 3 SLURLS will be added later SL is ##### me again

Friday, August 10, 2012


1 Year ago a new shopping experience was launched called CLLABR❽❽  and from the first day my favorite shopping event of second life.Not only the creme de la creme of  designers with great prices from L$88 and L$188 but specialy the diffrent theme all the designers stick to each month. By doing that all items and designs are great to mix and match with. Another advantage is the fact that they not only show clothing but great furniture as well. So the past year I used my little treasure bargains from COLLABOR88 a lot and will keep in doing it in times to come.
So mark your callender on the ❽th of each month and be amazed and surprised with bargains with top quality and great style
his months theme is baroque with a deep rich color pallet and this anniversary edition brings back all  the designers who participated this year. ღ ❤ ღ ❤ ღ

Skin  **SHINE**   @  Vintage Fair 2012 ( Classic Sim ) Rose Ultra / Pale
Hair  ""D!va""   @  COLLABOR88   Manon Onyx  # L88
Top  R2  @  COLLABOR88  Color Tunktop  Red  # L88
Shoes   HOC  @  Vintage  Fair 2012 ( CHIC Sim )  80's Heels & Socks
Washing Machine Set  LISP  COLLABOR88  Dolly Laundry Room Red # L188

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


On this mids weeks day, a vintage post in homage to  Paris the ultimate city of fashion. With that in mind I also changed my quote for this week by Coco Chanel the leading lady in history of high fashion.

         "A girl should be ❷ things Classy & Fabulous"

Check out  CHIC Vintage Fair 2012 where the best designers of second life give there vieuw on fashion of the past and showing classy creations to make you look fabulous ღ  ღ  ღ

Skin  {.essences.}  @  Vintage Fair 2012 ( Classic Sim ) Moira Tan
Hair [LeLutka]  Magdalen  # NEW
Top  Chemistry  Echo Tank Top Lace
Wrap ! Laville !Vintage Fair 2012  ( Chic Sim )  Ribboned Fur Wrap
Skirt  [AB] Vintage Fair 2012 ( Retro Sim )  Skirt Jaguard
Shoes  N-core Coquette Platform Wild  # GROUP GIFT
Gloves  Indyra Originals  @ Vintage Fair 2012 Black Lace Gloves # FAIR GIFT
Necklace  ( Caroline's Jewelry)  @  Vintage Fair ( Retro Sim ) Aurdrey Pear Necklace

Monday, August 06, 2012


If and when you just woke up I just letting you know Vintage Fair 2012 is open from Aug 4th – Aug 29th with 3 sims.

✎ ....... CHIC SIM        sponsored by Trompe Loeil , Indyra Originals & Aura 
✎ ....... CLASSIC SIM sponsored by Cheeky Pea , Belleza & Purple Moon Creations
✎ ....... RETRO SIM    sponsored by OOO Studio , Gizza Creations & Coldlogic

If you want to know were to go Vintage Fair 2012 Map & SLURLS Strip down as much as possibly and visit Sasy Scarborough’s guide to a low-lag event to make your shopping trip and others a pleasant experience it will be worth your effort I promise.
Today I am showing a dress from Leri Miles Design on the CHIC SIM  and skin from **SHINE** located on the CLASSIC SIM.

Skin  **SHINE**  @  Vintage Fair 2012 Rose  Pale
Hair -LaViere-  Ambush Color Pack
Dress  LMD  @  Vintage Fair 2012  Abigail Mesh Dress Aqua
Boots P10  Aphrodite Turqoise Leather & Lace Thigh Boots  # NEW
Necklace  [MANDALLA] Kabuki Necklace ShanriLa Pink
Glasses MG  SunGlasses Milano Cats-Eye 40's Classic
 TV  LISP   Vintage TV

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Just in the middle of my blogging peak  SL is acting up big time. My avi is having a struggle to get out of a mysterious orange mist and it is take for ever to rezz. So al my plans to get a lot of things done here went up in ( orange ) smoke. Did my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge duty with a lot of swearing on my part but here we go.
Wikipedia on Jonquil : Narcissus jonquilla, the jonquil, a narcissus with clusters of small fragrant yellow flowers and cylindrical leaves, native to southern Europe and northeastern Africa. I lღve this flower and it brings on more Summer-like feelings. Jonquil is also the name of a band and I choose a song called Infinity wishing the Summer last for infinity as well.
To get my outfit this time I went to market place and digged deep in my inventory for some yellow goodies.That all for now enjoy the rest of your Sunday have fun and shop until you drop.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Cassiopea  India 07  # NEW
Hair  ""D!va""  Vivienne
Dress  izm  Loose Cami Dress Yellow
Top ---- Gawk! ---- Yellow Star Tank Top
Shoes   2REAL  F-Wings   # NEW
Stocking  *Sheer*  Stockings 29a Very Torn Black
Hand Tattoo  :::[NEEDFUL THINGS] :: Lucky Clover   # V.I.P. GIFT
Bandaid    Reek   Kailiana Dots
Glasses  MIEL  Genius Peepers
Bag  The Secret Store  Girly Briefcase
Book  *elymode*   El's  Leather Bound Sketchbook
Location picture 1 & 2  Pixel Mode Town
Location 3th Picture  ""D!va""  Mainstore