Saturday, August 04, 2012


This weekend is all about shopping , shopping & some more shopping. Diffrent events having there kick off this weekend Most well-known shopping event is the 3 sims huge
                   CHIC Vintage Fair 2012
                                        Aug 4th – Aug 29th 
250+ brands each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920 – 1980. Also this year be allowing ‘Antique’ fashions (pre 1920s). So take a trip down to  fashion memmory lane. Make the trip as lag free as possible and how to do it go visit
                                Sasy Scarborough’s guide to a low-lag event.
Today I am starting my go  back to golden olden fashion days trip  @ the 80's with a ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. creation made by DATRIP Blackbart. And like I promissed on this pictures skin called Indy from {.essences.} even the lipstick is part of the skin pack how nice is that.
Feeling the Saturday Night Fever going trough my body. Enjoy your weekend the SLURL's will be add later as soon as Vintage Fair is open.
                               ♫ ♪  Ah  , ha , ha ha, stayin' ♪ ♫
                                         ♫ ♪  alive , stayin'alive  ♪ ♫
                                                ♫ ♪  Ah  , ha , ha ,ha stayin'  ♪ ♫
                                                              ♫ ♪  Alive  ♪ ♫

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