Saturday, August 18, 2012


PPPpppfffttt it is to hot to sleep here so I am doing another post hoping I sleep better later.
 Vಠ_ಠdoo Fair is open and  DATRIP Blackbart made some cute color blocking dresses available there. The past view days I am playing with some windlight settings I gatherd from different places and I will let you know on later posts witch light setting I am using and where I got it from. On this pictures I used some settings but I totely forgot witch ones Must be the heat that is musching up my brains. If you look @ my ✎.....ṨҬὛĿἿƝƓ ҬἿƤṨ above this page you see some locations to find great windlight settings and I will add more links later on this week. Using the right setting can entirely change the look and the feel of the picture and it is fun playing with them. The electric fan is  blowing and it is still hot here I will try to get some sleep. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Skin  Al VULO!  Jenny  Red Fairy
Scarf   [LeLutka]   Faith Scarf Vine
Dress  Legal Insanity   @  Voodoo Fair  Miami Dress Rubin # NEW
Shoes  *SLAVE* DreSSing  RooM  Beads  Sandals  Mesh
Necklace & Bracelets  [MANDALA]  Omochi  Aurora Pink
Earrings  [MANDALA]  Maru Mara Earrings
Bag  Maitreya  Mesh Shopper  Jelly Bean

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