Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oempf still on a regime of no sweets, chips , alcohol and work out So I posed my pixel Barbie on a stepp platform as well and took some pictures. My work out masters ( a DVD with jumping  smiling and very slim  real live barbies ) are pissing me off after 10 minutes on the tredmill. Me sweating with a head as red as a tomato gasping for air and they moving like there is no effort at all. Pure 100% torture ... but I keep up ........ PPfftttt Oempf .... it must be the masochistic hidden side of me.
Style card will follow  as soon as I can breath.

Skin { essences.}  Scorpio
Hair >TRUTH<  Josie
Shirt  Chemistry  Echo Tank Top Space
Pants  Maitreya  Stefani Pants  Cerise  *NEW*
Socks Maitreya  Scrunched Prim Socks
Shoes  2REAL  F-Wings
Headphone  booN  Multi Stripe
Armwarmers .:Ducknipple:.  ArmWarmers
Collar  DRIFT  Cozy Sweater Collar
Necklace  je suis  L'amour Necklace Long
Hands  Slink  Mesh Hand   Bag ( Left )  Gesture ( Right )
Poses &  Step  PILOT  & Exposeur   Coates Cardio Box

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Inka Mexicola made a fabulous new skin called Maria and the only way to do justice to the skin is to show you all ... butt pixel naked inkie.It comes in 5 amazing skin tones and each tone has tons of lips and eye make up options in it.
 If you go to this months COLLABOR88  you will found this great outdoor mesh bath  as  well from Trompe Loeil  Nothing more to say then enjoy your week.

Skin  { .essences.}  Maria  *NEW*
Towel Wrap on Head  *booN  Brown
Feet  *{ SeVered GarDeN}*    Bare Feet Autumn
Bath  Trompe Loeil  @  COLLABOR88  Barrel Bath *NEW*
Poses  GLITTERATI Monroe
Location Beautiful   My Own Private Place 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Starting this week with a release of a fabulous new{ .essences.} skin made by Inka Mexicola called Maria. More about this skin in my next post.
COLLABO88 has started the 8th of this month with tons of great pieces of furniture , clothing , hair and skin with bargain prices. More about this in later posts as well.
Karanosuke Kamachi designer of =DeLa*=  changed from a great clothing designer to an even better hair maker in mesh. I was and still am a huge fan of her clothing designs but did not seen mesh clothing from her hand ( not yet )  But she is making up for it with many variations and diffrent styles of hair so  go take a look @ her shop to see for yourself.
 Enjoy your week and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  Maria Vivante Dark  *NEW*
Hair  =DeLa*=  Lana Dark Brown  *NEW*
Jacket  R2  @  COLLABOR88  Bolero Pink *NEW*
Short  R2 COLLABOR88   Culotte Short Black  *NEW*
Boots  *{ SeVered GarDeN}*  Zuffy Boots
Bench  Cheecy Pea  @  COLLABOR88  Sweetwater Bench Burnt  *NEW*
Vases  Cheecy Pea  @  COLLABOR88  Sweetwater Vases  *NEW*
Ladder & Tree & Poses  { what next}  Falling Wall Decor Winter 


Sunday, November 11, 2012


The countdown on Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part II has begon and it is now  ❼  weeks before the finale. Not going to think about what I am going to do with my SL Sunday's then .After this post 6 more diffrent colors to tackle so still 6 more shopping trips with only 1 color in mind.
So today juniper it is. Wikipedea is saying : Junipers are coniferous plants in the genus Juniperus of the cypress family Cupressaceae. Depending on taxonomic viewpoint, there are between 50-67 species of juniper, widely distributed throughout the northern hemisphere, from the Arctic, south to tropical Africa in the Old World, and to the mountains of Central America. This icy kind of color brought me to a wonderfull place called Cours ( it is where the shop : ) BCC is locted )  with tons of great spots and views to take pictures. Don't forget to see the next round of COLLABOR88  with fabulous designs for bargain prices !  Hope to see you back next week with the color Barley Corn.

Skin  [AUX]  @  COLLABOR88  Skin Love Medium Painted Desert
Hair  >TRUTH<  Cyanne  *NEW*
Shirt  {SMS}  Victorian Blouse Grey
Skirt  LMD   Evy MESH Pencil Skirt Sky  *NEW*
Boots  Schadenfreude  @   COLLABOR88  Amargosa Boots
Tights  {mon tissu}   Favorite Wool  Tights Gray 1
Bag  (TokiD)  Stumble Bag Gray
Belt  [BUKKA]  Double Ring Belt
Ring  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88   Boho Ring Set Black
Ears  [MANDALA]  Steking Ears
Location Cours  : ) BCC