Oepmf  ... after a lot of shopping for winter  "stuff" and after a  time  consuming   decorating period  inkie Winter Wonderland is as good as finished. Changing in to Winter land is a very prim consuming job and me being me .... I bought myself way, way to much winter  theme decorations and furniture. So I will switch the look and feel to my place more then once this winter to use all the items I purchased the past view weeks.
Talk about shopping  I had a very good shopping experience last week.
When I shop I go completely overboard in getting my hands on things to get my "decoration act" together. I click on items without even reading the noteboards carefuly so more then once  I am  getting  myself  2 or sometimes even 3 perchases of one and the same object .... call me greedy , needy or completely messed up.
Past week I did my garden shopping for the first time in  ArchiTech Design  and found myself a winter themed pathway to lay down in my garden. I purchased 1 path as a loose item and I bought the whole full package as well and I did not even noticed it and here comes the great part !!
Dearest Myrtle ( must be her name )  co owner of ArchiTech IMed me and told me I bought 1 item more then once and she asked me what item I wanted in return from her shop to make up for it. How cool and how nice is that !!! And when I choose an item she gave me second one because they match so nice together. This is what I call costomer service and that is not all
Being a member of the ArchiTech store group I wanna hug and kiss both Dearest and Toby Hawton her partner for being great designers and generous customer caring  people as well.
The bridge, pathway and bushes are items I bought there and log and the Colerado spruce trees  were great group gifts so take your TP and suprise yourself with great designs in themed shopping areas.
This shop will be add to the shღps I lღve list I am starting right now.



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