Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oempf still on a regime of no sweets, chips , alcohol and work out So I posed my pixel Barbie on a stepp platform as well and took some pictures. My work out masters ( a DVD with jumping  smiling and very slim  real live barbies ) are pissing me off after 10 minutes on the tredmill. Me sweating with a head as red as a tomato gasping for air and they moving like there is no effort at all. Pure 100% torture ... but I keep up ........ PPfftttt Oempf .... it must be the masochistic hidden side of me.
Style card will follow  as soon as I can breath.

Skin { essences.}  Scorpio
Hair >TRUTH<  Josie
Shirt  Chemistry  Echo Tank Top Space
Pants  Maitreya  Stefani Pants  Cerise  *NEW*
Socks Maitreya  Scrunched Prim Socks
Shoes  2REAL  F-Wings
Headphone  booN  Multi Stripe
Armwarmers .:Ducknipple:.  ArmWarmers
Collar  DRIFT  Cozy Sweater Collar
Necklace  je suis  L'amour Necklace Long
Hands  Slink  Mesh Hand   Bag ( Left )  Gesture ( Right )
Poses &  Step  PILOT  & Exposeur   Coates Cardio Box

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