Saturday, April 28, 2012


Weekend it is and because it is Queensday on Monday here in Holland I got an extra day of, so more time to spare to work on my posts. Week 18 on Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge with a purplish tone with a wink to the pink and it took me some time to find the right clothes. Izzie's and Maitreya saved my pixel ass this week to find the right combination.
Wikipeda on thistle : is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterised by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins, mostly in the family Asteraceae. Prickles often occur all over the plant – on surfaces such as those of the stem and flat parts of leaves. These are an adaptation that protects the plant against herbivorous animals, discouraging them from feeding on the plant. Typically, an involucre with a clasping shape of a cup or urn subtends each of a thistle's flowerheads. You-Tube gave me a song called Thistles & Weeds made by Mumford and Sons with  surprising  nice lyrics.
Pose Fair 2012 is still open but not for long so hurry and go see for yourself best poses and props together on 2 sims , don't miss it !!!

Skin   F I L T H Y__S K I N S   Jenny Tan  # NEW
Hair  >TRUTH<  Georgina   # NEW
Eyes  IKON   Sunrise Eyes Rose Pale  # OLD GROUP GIFT
Shirt  Izzie's  Bow Tie Blouse Lilac
Skirt  Maitreya  Mesh Pencil Skirt Pink
Shoes  N-core  Coquette  Platform Violet
Necklace   [MANDALA]  Pearl Rain Set Season Peach  # NEW
Ring Right  [MANDALA]  Motsumame Ring  # NEW
Nails [MANDALA]  Nail Palette Super Long
Bracelet  LaGyo   Solitudo Bangle Silver
Ring  je suis Voyante Ring Plain
Bag  (TokiD)   Flowers Bag Light
Poses  *EverGlow*  @  Pose Fair 2012  Girls Poses #61

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whooom !! Just a quick post today no SLURL's for now just don't have the time to make a style card but I promis I do that tomorrow. I am a huge fan of the blog Sweet Sexy and Crazy  made by  Kaelyn Alecto  and she found a great place to take pictures called  Cherry Blossoms If you go to Kae her blog you see fabulous pictures made of this place ( my PC and grafic card are not good enougf to handle it ) Yes it is Friday tomorrow and because it is Queens day in Holland on Monday I got an extra day off so my weekend is going to last 3 days yessssssssssssssss.

Skin  **SHINE**  Frasha  Natural Tan  # NEW
Hair  analog dog   Pause Black
Cardigan  tulip   Empty Hearts  Forest
Bra  Izzie's  Mademoiselle Bra Nude
Skirt  (TokiD)  Balloon  Skirt Essence
Boots  *VG   Diva Boots Beige Fur
Necklace & Earrings & Rings  Izzie's  Wooden Bead Jewelry Green  # NEW
Bag  [celoe]  Dor Bag  Meadow
Poses Pulling Strings  @  Pose Fair 2012  Sun Gets in my Eyes
Location  Cherry Blossem

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just a quick post I  don't have a lot of time busy , busy , busy and I want to watch the 4th episode of Games of Thrones season 2. OMG I lღve this serie so just the pictures and the landmarks for today. I did some digging in my inventory to clean up Pppfffttt the stuff is piling up and my to do list is endless.

Skin  Izzie's  @ PERFECT  WARDROBE  Bonita Sadness
Hair Tameless   Bonnie  # NEW
Shirt  Maitreya   Ava Jacket  Red
Skirt  The Secret Store  Pencil Skirt Emberglow
Boots  *Crazy*  Veracruz Mesh Boots
Necklace & Earrings  [ glow ]  @  TDR  Decoy Set
Bag  ***Le Poppycock*** French Pop Tote Mine de rien
Poses with Prop  { what next}  @  Pose Fair 2012  Portobelle Basket Pose Prop
Location   Tableau

Monday, April 23, 2012


For people who know me Monday is NOT my favorite day of the week so I dragged my ass to the office and tried  to be not  to bitchy ( I don't think it worked entirely ).So today pictures that fits the "I don't like Monday mood" with boxing gloves and all. Gloves and poses available @  Pose Fair 2012 from PURPLE POSES    I promise my mood will be better tomorrow ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Skin  **SHINE**   @  Perfect Wardrobe   Viral Girl
Hair  ""D!va""  Senri2   # NEW
Eyes  IKON  Sunrise Eyes Deep Silver
Shirt BoHo HoBo   Mesh T-Shirt Wicked
Pants  kapone  Unisex  Jogging Red
Shoes  2REAL   Pro_Spec 
Scarf  ***AOHARU***  Bandana Scarf Yellow
Gloves with Poses  PURPLE POSES  @  Pose Fair 2012  Boxing Poses

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Like I promised yesterday a full page report about the lastest MOJO skin called Selena in a flawless pearl tone  made by  Ethan74 Rumpler The main reason I  Lღve skins made by him are the sultry lips that makes me wanna kiss everybody.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This weeks color on the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is shuttle gray and I got to say finding the right shade of gray was not that hard but ..... taking the pictures was a struggle ಠ_ಠ. SL had majour issues and all the technical drama you can have I experienced it. Loosing half of my  inventory over and over again , my pixel ass not rezzing and staying a mystical orange mist for hours. You name it I got it so for now the pictures and the SLURL will follow later as soon I have calmed down. Nothing worth mentioning about this color on Google and You-Tube.
Pose Fair 2012 still open and if you are in to photography like I am a must see event. MOJO  released a fabulous porcelain  skin and I will show more of the skin later on this weekend ( if and when the SL Gods let me )

Skin  MOJO  Selena  Pearl  # NEW
Hair  analog dog  Madison 2 Blacks
Shirt  coldLogic   Lane Coal
Pants  Spirit Store  Elle Rigged Mesh Jeans Unisex Ripped Grey
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix  Mana Gator Peep Toe Red
Kiss on Forehead  Izzie's  Lipstick Kiss Tattoos  # VALENTINE GROUP GIFT
Glasses  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88  Anouk Glasses  Silver  # L$88
Headpiece  LaGyo   Splatter Roses Fascinator Red
Ring Left  LaGyo  Shield Ring Silver/Black
Necklace [ glow ]   Choose Love Necklace
Bracelet Left  [MANDALA] Leather Sinra Cuff Red
Bracelet Right  [MANDALA]  Milky Way Bracelet Red
Cigarette  [NikotiN]   Cig'Lady  White / Black
Ring Right   je suis Voyante Ring  Gemstone
 Poses   MIAMAI   @  Pose Fair 2012  Lights / Pulse
Location  Virtual Decay


Yippie it is weekend , the sun is shining outside and the world is smiling at me.
The Pose Fair 2012 is open and if you did not went there already time to do it for real. I have found a ton of poses and props and I hope there is time enougf to show them all. Nothing more to say I got more pictures to take so I will hurry along.

Skin  [PXL]   Kate  # NEW
Hair  ""D!va""  Nana  # NEW
Eyes  IKON  Horizon Eyes  Light Blue  # NEW
Dress   d. Select*  Sexy Tennis Dress Creme / Mint
Shoes (TokiD)  Casual Sandals Mint  # GROUP GIFT
Bracelets  *TuttiFrutti*   Julian Bracelets Green
Necklace  Izzie's   Owl  Necklace  # NEW
Poses with Swing  LostAngeL   @  Pose Fair 2012  Summer Swing

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Have way trough the week , can't wait till it is Friday again. Have way trough April as well and the weather with hard blowing winds thats messing with my hair and rain showers that makes me look like a drowned catt. Because I live in Holland I am used to it but today it made me moody and I realy need the sun and I need the sun NOW !!!
So to take away my Dutch weather blues I made this post. The Pose Fair 2012 is booming and hot just take time to visit and take the SOUTH entrance here is the section with the sexy steaming poses.

Skin  Lumiere By GLAM!    Brielle Light
Lipstick [PF]  Glam Lipstick Make Up pack Elly Skin
Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^   Amylee
Dress  .:AVALE:.  Anelle  Crazy Rose  # NEW
Pants  DeeTaleZ   Bootcut Flowers
Shoes N-core Coquette  Spikes Dark Pink
Bangles  {Zaara}  Indra Painted Stacked Bangles
Flower in Hair AOHARU   Hibiscus Corsage Pink
Necklace  Addiction Jewelry  Precious Pearl Cross Necklace  # NEW
Bag  **SHINE**  Mesh Satchel Bag / Butterflys  # NEW
Earrings  je suis  Precieuse Earhoop
 Ring  je suis   Voyante Ring Plain
Poses  .evolve.   @  Pose Fair 2012  Adorbs. Bag  Pose Pack
Creator  BellaStarr Fhang 
Location  CalanDiva


Just a quick post to tell you there is a 50% off skin sale  @  DeeTaleZ  Take your limo , grab your demo and bring your lindens Half the price how kool is that !!! The pictures are not my work they are the great work of Steffi Vilota designer of this shop. I just did not have time enougf to make the pictures myself to show the  skins and I did not want to hold back the news on the sale !!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Today sunny pictures from my beach .... and yes in SL I am queen of my castle and my castle is on the beach how nice is that ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ DATRIP Blackbard designer of ..:: Legal Insanity ::..  has released some hot tops and skirts ....... mmmm well skirts are they realy skirts ??? Never the less they are hot so that is why I am showing them from a torpical location. They come in many diffrent colors I just showed you a small selection and  he is selling the tops separate from the skirts so go mix and match !!!
Yesterday the Pose Fair 2012 opened  there venue  with the best creators and designers in poses and pose props showing there latest and best work. I am posing on a life guard chair made by Elysium Eilde creator of  *elymode* and with my blond hair I feel like Pamela Anderson on my own private Bay Watch.

Skin :: Exodi ::  Sophie  Viante ( Sorry found out Exodi is no more )
Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^ Emma   # NEW
Skirts & Tops ..:: Legal Insanity ::..  Twiggy  # NEW
Shoes  Maitreya   Flip Flops Aqua
Poses with Binocular  *elymode*  @  Pose Fair 2012  Lifeguard Chair 
Creator Elysium Eilde


Sunday, April 15, 2012


This will be my second post on one day I need to speed up my pace to get it all posted. Just working like a crazy blogger to show you all of the fantastic poses and fabulous props I purchased @  the Pose Fair 2012. My avi is broke so that is my worning , when you go there to take your plastics and filled wallets. Around every corner more nice poses to find and in the end I got an almost exploding inventory because of it. Thank you Aleida Rhode  designer of  I ALEIDA I  for the fabulous dress you sent me available @  Flawless Spring Sale  for only L50 and that is what I call a super bargain !!!

Skin  **SHINE** Lolita Red Ultra Pale  # NEW
Hair  "LoQ"  @  TDR  Ice Cream
Dress  I ALEIDA I   @  Flawless Spring Sale  Bolette Flawless Mini Dress  # L$50
Boots  Slink  Relax Boots Red
Book in Hand Prop *elymode*  @  Pose Fair 2012  Leather Bound Sketchbook
                                                             Creator  Elysium Eilde
Bag  **SHINE** Mesh Satchel Bag ladybugs  # NEW
Gloves  Indyra Originals  Kidskin Gloves  # WINTER BONUS GIFT
Poses  ploom  @ Pose Fair  2012  Ready For Summer
                                                              Creator  Steve Cartier
Location  Izzie's 


This week a lot of action going on if you are in to shopping. So hold on I try to keep up with everyghing thats happening and keep you posted. Today @ 12pm  Second Life time the Pose Fair 2012 is opening with not 1 but 2 sims !!Combining 120 stores and over 200 creators into two sims to bring you the freshest inspiration for your photography. Pose Fair North This sim is for PG content, and includes the section for family/kids poses and Pose Fair South This sim is for more mature content, and may feature nudity or sexytimes.When I am going  use poses the next view weeks in my posts I will add the SLURL directly to the shop on the fair so you don't need to search as much.There is a Flickr pool as well to see what other bloggers telling about this annual event
If you are on a Second Life budget and like bargains there is a huge sale event going on. From April 14- April 29, the Flawless Sim will be home to the Flawless Spring Sale and Hunt.  With nearly 50 vendors who will have new and exclusive products marked for sale for only 50L each as well as a hunt item on the sim.
Yesterday I did my weekly post on Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge with the color bright turquoise and today doing a post in the same color because I had more items in this color to show you. So this is it for today ( I think ) shop untill you drop have fun be creative and full of lღve ღ ღ ღ
Skin  **SHINE**  Lolita Smoke/Pale   # NEW
Hair  ""D!va""  Chika4
Dress ~Cysleek =^.-=~  @  Flawless Spring Sale  Mini Dress Black / Blue # 50L
Shirt  coldLogic   Early Aquamarine
Shoes  R2  @ COLLABOR88  Nohea Blue  # 88L
Stockings *League* Side Gartered Stockings Dragon Tattoo
Earrings  Fulo  @    Flawless Spring Sale  Stormy Earrings  # 50L
Poses with Prop  Juxtapose  @  Pose Fair 2012  Back Alley Booking Prop

Saturday, April 14, 2012


OMG I lღved this weeks color of  Luna's challenge for me the color of Summer !! More then enough stuff in my inventory to wear but ...... I could not resist the pants I saw @  coldLogic and the pants called out my name you got to believe me ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ It would not supprise me to see this pants in more Luna's posts this week.
Did some digging on this color on the world wide web Wikipedia is telling :
Turquoise  is a blueish tone of light green. The color is based on the gem turquoise. The term comes from the French for Turkish.The first recorded use of turquoise as a color name in English was in 1573.Said all that sooooo many things I need to tell you , exciting things  are happening !!!! A huge Spring Sale , hunts and of course the Pose Fair 2012 and I am on there blog team how kool is that !!! That meens till the end of this month a lot of attention for the designers and creators of poses and props and animations who can't be missed when you want to take nice pictures. They are the quiet force in every picture and now I got time to honour them and show all there great work. The Pose Fair opens April the 15th on 12PM
Nothing more to say enjoy the rest of your weekend be stylisch and walk the runway called life with flair.

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Leah Med Tan
Hair  >TRUTH<  Tammy
Top  [W&B]  Rachelle Cropped Bustier Electric
Pants  coldLogic  Capri  may Aquamarine  # NEW
Shoes NX-Nardcotix  Mana Era Gator Peep Toe Aqua  # NEW
Earrings + Ring on Left Hand   FINESMITH  Organic Turquoise
Necklace + Ring on Right Hand  MG  Silver Drop Pendant Turquoise
Poses GLITTERATI   @ Pose Fair 2012  Bouquet 
Creator : Katey  Coppola
Location  Reflections


The Pose Fair 2012 is about almost beginning and I am very honored that I am part of the blog team. I already took a preview and will be posting the next couple of weeks about this event. Put it on your to do list it will be worth your time I promise. As soon the fair had opened I will add the SLURL to this post.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A couple of days ago I promised to go back to this sim called Innsmouth to take more pictures and as you can see I did. If you lღve to take pictures yourself like I am this place is a must see for sure.
I am wearing the latest group gift of MOJO skins made by Ethan74 Rumpler
and I always love skins made by this designer because of the sultry lips. The rest except the hair is mesh , mesh and oohh yes mesh and the more I see it the more I want it. I know I sound greedy but that is part of my SL personality when it comes to clothes. Have fun shopping , unpacking and styling and I hope to see you back soon
Skin MOJO  Angelica  # GROUP GIFT
Hair  [elekatira]    Horizon Carrot Reds
Scarf in Hair ::{u.f.o}::  @  COLLABOR88 Lovey Dovey Pack 3  L$88 
Inner Shirt Pink  coldLogic  Lauren Pink  # MESH
Shirt Black RONSEM  Tank Guitar Black  # MESH & NEW
Pants  RONSEM  Cargo Beige  # MESH
Boots [Gos]  Triumph Boots
Glasses  (Yummy)  @   COLLABOR88  Anoek Glasses Tortoise  # MESH L$88
 Backpack  ::Mr.Poet::  Leather Backpack
Necklace  je suis  Voayante Necklace  Plain 
Gloves  [celoe] Mery Gloves Teak  # MESH
Poses  Magpie.   Intro Pack  # NEW
Location Innsmouth