Saturday, April 21, 2012


This weeks color on the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is shuttle gray and I got to say finding the right shade of gray was not that hard but ..... taking the pictures was a struggle ಠ_ಠ. SL had majour issues and all the technical drama you can have I experienced it. Loosing half of my  inventory over and over again , my pixel ass not rezzing and staying a mystical orange mist for hours. You name it I got it so for now the pictures and the SLURL will follow later as soon I have calmed down. Nothing worth mentioning about this color on Google and You-Tube.
Pose Fair 2012 still open and if you are in to photography like I am a must see event. MOJO  released a fabulous porcelain  skin and I will show more of the skin later on this weekend ( if and when the SL Gods let me )

Skin  MOJO  Selena  Pearl  # NEW
Hair  analog dog  Madison 2 Blacks
Shirt  coldLogic   Lane Coal
Pants  Spirit Store  Elle Rigged Mesh Jeans Unisex Ripped Grey
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix  Mana Gator Peep Toe Red
Kiss on Forehead  Izzie's  Lipstick Kiss Tattoos  # VALENTINE GROUP GIFT
Glasses  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88  Anouk Glasses  Silver  # L$88
Headpiece  LaGyo   Splatter Roses Fascinator Red
Ring Left  LaGyo  Shield Ring Silver/Black
Necklace [ glow ]   Choose Love Necklace
Bracelet Left  [MANDALA] Leather Sinra Cuff Red
Bracelet Right  [MANDALA]  Milky Way Bracelet Red
Cigarette  [NikotiN]   Cig'Lady  White / Black
Ring Right   je suis Voyante Ring  Gemstone
 Poses   MIAMAI   @  Pose Fair 2012  Lights / Pulse
Location  Virtual Decay


  1. aw cool Inkie! Where did you get the glasses? They're almost like mine :P

    1. Haya LauraI saw your glasses the are from (Yummy) @ Collabor88

  2. Wow!! great pic and styling :)

  3. I love that hair with the roses, such a great look!!! So feminine and yet not at the same time!!! So pretty and I love the way that you made everything but the red washed out!!! AWESOME!

  4. Cool look! Awesome styling:)
    I have to agree with you: SL behaved really badly this week! Let's hope it learns some manners...

  5. Great pics, the pop of red with the gray is a nice touch!

  6. Very cute look. I love how you mixed the red and gray together.

  7. omg! That has got to be the badassest look in the world! (Is badassest really a word? You know what I mean, anyway :P) Love it!

  8. wow hot remind me of the sister of Michael Jackson ))) so cool you made this

  9. The gray and red is just perfect. Cool pics.

  10. Great attitude! I had SL issues, too, and had a basketball shoe stuck on one foot. Bah.

  11. Ohhh luv the pics and the glasses !