Thursday, September 29, 2011


                                     (¯`’•.¸* ♫ ♪ ♥ NIGHT FEVER NIGHT FEVER ♥ ♫ ♪ *¸.•’´¯)
Only  1 day to go before the weekend and when I saw this dress from  Beautiful Dirty Rich   I felt the Saterday night fever hitting me early this week. It is a hunt gift on  the DISCO HUNT and comes in 4 fantastick disco colors and I  L❥VE  them all.

Skin   Koketka  TFG ( Upstair floor )  Eva Skin
Hair  [LeLutka]  Oscar
Dress + Hairband ..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::..  Disco Girl  # DISCO HUNT
Panty  *Linc* Wool Panty Red Stripes

Boots :)(: PIXELFASHION  Ultimate Boots Pink
Necklace + Bracelets  ~Elemental Earth Designs~  Kiowa  Set Amethyst
Earrings   .::BeautyCode:.  Disco Fringes Black/Pink  # DISCO HUNT

Monday, September 26, 2011


The new collection of  The Secret Store  made by Maylee Oh is out and she showing it @ MODAVIA  and I  L❥VE  it. Like always Maylee is coming out with a new and fresh look you have not seen around before  and each outfit she's created is making me stand in ooಠ_ಠohhh and aaaah.
The skin is a groupgift from -Belleza- and fits the pink outfit perfectly.

Skin   -Belleza-  Chloe Med  # GROUPGIFT
Hair   Magika  Andarial
Sweater  The Secret Store  Kimono Sweater/ Babydoll  #NEW
Body Suit  The Secret Store  Cable Knit Bodysuit  Snow  # NEW
Socks  The Secret Store  Lace Knit Socks  Snow  # NEW
Bow in Hair  The Secret Store  Knitted Hair Bow  Honeysuckle  # NEW

Shoes  [ SAKIDE ] Kitch Pumps  Silver  # NEW
Nails  The Nail Station  Color 4a
Necklace  $GaNKeD$  Something Old Necklace
Bracelets  [MANDALA]  Milky Way Bangle
Ring Left  (Kunglers Extra ) Lotus # MODAVIA FREE GIFT
Ring Right   .:: LacieCakes ::.   Glitteriffic Multi Ring Set

Belt  [BUKKA]  Leather Chain Belt
Bag  *GF*  Heart Pink Bag
Card in Mouth   Somethin'In Your Mouth  PinUP Ace
Poses *L*  029 / 036
Location  AMIA

Sunday, September 25, 2011


The letter D in the alphabet challenge is ringing a bell in me the Dutch belle in me is calling out. Holland used to be land of windmills , wooden shoes and tulips well those days are gone. Welcome to Holland with Heineken beer and smoking weed.
Orange is our national color so for the challenge I am wearing an organge jacket to let the Dutch Diva out. Happy Sunday have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

Skin  [ DEKADE ]   Dahila  # OLD TDR #7
Lipstick  [ DEKADE ]  Claire Glossy Lips Orange
Hair  Magika  DIVA Brown
Jacket  R.icielli  DYLA Leather Jacket Orange
Shoes  *DEVIANT DESIGNS*    Nuzzle Black

Pants  **DIRAM**  ELYNA Attire
Shirt  **DIRAM**  ELYNA Attire
Glasses  **DIRAM**   INCOGNITO Sunglasses
Poses  GLITTERATI  Monroe  # NEW


Hello happy Sunday today Luna's 52 Weeks of Color countdown moment and the next post the alphabet challenge. I thought Khaki was more green but I stick with the kind of yellow khaki you can see on Luna's Jubilee. Next week the collor is going to be moss green and we are closing the final hour on this epic challenge.

Skin  :Curio:  Acorn Frex [Light] Elf-Gold Dust
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Military Cap "Airy Long"
Jacket [BUKKA]  Soft Leather Jacket ::Khaki::
Belt  [BUKKA]  Leather Chain Belt

Pants  *League*  Ripped78's Dusty Brown
Boots  Maitreya  Shearling Boots Tan
Socks  Maitreya  Scrunched Prim Socks

Scarf  (TokiD)  Scarf from my Aunt (Camel)  # NEW
Bag  [LeLutka]  Maicao Bag/Sand

Saturday, September 24, 2011

♫ ♪ ROCK 'N ROLLA ♪ ♫

Hello happy Saturday to you all I am in a  ♫ ♪  Rock and Roll  ♪ ♫ kind of mood.
Meadow Carlucci sent me a new skin named Eva and I  L❥VE  it.
Go to [!Heart*n*Soul!] to grab a demo. With thanks to Trill Zapatero owner of  BoHo HoBo   who made this cool looking leather jacket  and she sent me a full pack of tutu skirts as well  with diffrent textures and I L❥VE them all. The good news is they are free gifts so go to   Burning Man  to pick out your favorite one.

Skin [!Heart*n*Soul!]  Skin Eva Tan2   # NEW
Hair .+*HS+*.  Loco Wine ( Ribbon) 
Jacket  BoHo HoBo   Red  Leather Jacket   # NEW
Shirt  *Tea Time* T-Shirt Red
Skirt   Burning Man Black Swan Tutu  # FREE GIFT
Boots [ SAKIDE ]  Crocodile Boots Black  # NEW

Stocking  v3 Tattoo  Stocking Sm
Glasses  *Fishy Strawberry*  Vintage Candy Bar Glasses Red
Scarf  *GF*  Muffler  Hound-Tooth Red
Earrings   CHOP ZUEY  Creme Poof Earrings
Cigaret  [NikotiN]  @  { Grunge Soul Project}  Cig'-Lady-White/Black
Location ROCKET FM

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today the letter in the alphabet challenge and most of my favorite things begin with a .
ಠ_ಠkies  offee  ats  andy's  upcakes  and most of all upid  so that is why I made a tribute to upid. With thanks to CHOP ZUEY for the sweet cupcake necklace. ( Sorry only the poses are not C related )

Skin  Curio   Cupid-Kissy Face
Hat  *COCO*  Flower PatalHat (Red)
Shoes *COCO*  Ruffle Ankle Boots Red  # GROUPGIFT
Dress  CHANTKARE   Poppy Dress

Necklace CHOP ZUEY  Cream Poof Cupcake Necklace
Earrings  CHOP ZUEY   LW  Gld/Grn Tourm Stud Earring
Bag   =DeLa*=   Clutch Chanel Red

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today fabulous new skin of  *JeSyLiLO* made by  LiLo Glom and like always I  L❥VE  the  skin she makes. A lot of new stuff out as well @  {*I <3 FashiOn*}  go to the store to see more cool skater bags textures.

Skin   *JeSyLiLO*    Autumn  TanSkin  # NEW
Hair   ^;^CaTwA^;^   Manar Hair Style
Shirt  **GizzA**   50's  Shirts Pink
Pants  **Gizza**  Classic Jeans
Shoes  {*I <3 FashiOn*}   Chack Slip-On Unisex  # NEW
Bracelets  {*I <3 FashiOn*}  Kaotic Black 'N'Gold  # NEW
Skate Bag  {*I <3 FashiOn*} Street SkateBag  "Circuite" # NEW

Tattoo URcO.>  1920's  # NEW
Legwarmers [BUKKA] Reg Warmers 
Mouth Pearcing  Somethin'In Your Mouth-Lip Brooch
Poses   Swedish Style  Model Pose 015  # ONLY ON MARKETPLACE
 Ball  ..::: Kal Rau :::. Basket Ball  # FREE GIFT
Location  Ballers City

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yes  Autumn    is realy calling today and I got the outfit of  Mimikri  to get in the right  mood. Because of SL difficulties ಠ_ಠ ( again ) ಠ_ಠ I  finely made it to  get this post done. Don't you L❤VE the skin it match so well with the outfit. It is from .::Divine::.  @   {Grunge Soul Project}

Skin   .::Divine::.  @   {Grunge Soul Project}   Thera Skin
Hair  Tukinowaguma  Marcella Brown  # NEW
Shirt  Mimikri  Sweater ( JL ) Isla Espresso
Skirt  Mimikri  Isla Tartan Logan
Collar  Mimikri  Isla Seadust

Shoes   **J's**  Platform Pumps (Green)
Bag ::je::suis::   Insouciant Bag Brown Shade 2
Poses  GLITTERATI   Purse
Location  REALE 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Having a good skin is in my book the most importend thing of making an avi. And it can be very exspensive as well. There are  groups you can join of skin shops they have an entrence fee and give out great skins F I L T H Y__S K I N S  and Belezza for example. And sometimes it is your lucky day and you can go to 'Skinmate'  and get this skin for only L$ 10 !!!!! I am wearing a lipstick to complete the look with my outfit but I  L❥VE  the smokey eyes of this skin.

Skin 'Skinmate'  # 10L SKIN
Hair  A&A  Rae Hair  # NEW
Dress  SHIKI   @  MODAVIA   Knit Dress Monotone
Shoes and Socks  Maitreya  Moxie Coal
Scarf !_Ce Cubic   Effect Stole Purple 

Nails  [MANDALA]  Nail Palette 1 Medium
Headphone  K_gs  SugarTune  Kumaki HeadPhone
Bag   Mentine Knitted  Fringed Shoulder Bag
Necklace  [ glow ] So Long Necklace
Poses  !bang  Love my Boots
Location  PSY CITY

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today I made a combination with items all from diffrent shopping projects I know and L❥VE.

The Dressing Room  COLLABOR88 {Grunge Soul Project } The Tropical Bazar. All items purchased there are below L$ 100 the skin as well. All the projects have a schedule change that are diffrent so I became member of all of them not to miss out ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ Best designers with great pricing ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ Happy Sunday have fun and enjoy

Skin   *YS & YS*  @  TDR  Veronica Hot Skin
Hair   !lamb@  COLLABOR88  Girlfriend in a Coma
Dress  [MAGIC NOOK]  @   TDR  Bon Bon Dress (Slate)
Pants  [Cynful]  @  GSP  Eve Britches
Jacekt   R.icielli  @  TDR  BWSN set
Shoes and Bag   :: PM ::  @ TTB  Growl Pumps + Handbag

Glasses  .:A&M:.  Reader Glasses  # TOSL EDETION
Necklace ( short ) /artilleri/  @  COLLABOR88  Wenche Necklace Black
Earrings  :: SWEET LEONARD :: Summerlife Plugs
Flower in Hair Indyra Originals  @  MODAVIA II  # GROUPGIFT
Necklace ( long)  [ glow ]  @ TDR  Bogato Necklace
Location  ArtsStyle


Challange weekend it is. Going trough the alphabet and counting down on Luna's 52 Weeks Collor Challange and we got  weeks to go. The past view weeks the colors of the challange are going along with the season very well.
I am still having troubles in world with rezzing so this pictures almost took me a day with of and on periods of logging out and logging in again to meditate to get in peace with myself. ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ Breath in breath out  ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Skin  ART BODY STORE  @  The Tropical Bazar  Michelle Skin
Hair [LeLutka]  2358 Hair

Jacket [LeLutka]  Vanity Jacket Brown
Shirt  {mon tissu}  Gathered Frills Blouse  Red
Pants  {mon tissu}  Horizon Twill Trousers

Boots  *Kookie*  Armarda Long / Wine
Bag  >TRUTH< Chapel St Messenger # OLD GROUP GIFT
Poses  *L*  Pose stand 029
Location  REALE

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week I saw Murphy's Law in action. Everything that could go wrong to make pictures and post went wrong leaving me in a blogger blues. No rezzing avi , loosing inventory and failing uploads name it I had it this week. To stay in touch I followed the blogs of  others and you all realy need to take a look @ the blog made by Annan Adored called  เภtєгรtץlє Ŧครђเ๏ภ. I saw Annan her photo work on FB for some time and finlely she started her own blog and it is amazing !!! In World Magazine choose 2 of her pictures in the latest  edition and Annan I  L❥VE your work.
Challange weekend I am a little behind on the Alphabeth Challange so the letter  it is for today.

Skin  elleza   Erika Tan  #  GROUPGIFT
Hair  ish Wear  Jenine Black
Dress + Socks  +++BB+++  Secret Black  # NEW
Boots  [UKKA]  Metal Boot Black
elt  Izzie's  ow Waist Belt White
Glasses {* I<3 FashiOn*} Vanity utterly Glasses  # NEW

Monday, September 12, 2011


Bright collors in this month session of COLLABORȣȣ go check it out it is worth your visit.
Every ȣth of  the month new items with the best designers. Best part is the L$ ȣȣ price of the items it makes you wanna come back for more ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ The diffrent designers made items you can mix and match together.

Skin   .ILLUSORY.  COLLABOR88  Paige Caramel Naturally Neon
Make-Up  cheLLe  @  COLLABOR88  Face Make-Up NeonNeutrals 2
Eyes  [sauce]  @  COLLABOR88  Shockin'flamingo  #  COLLABOR88 GROUPGIFT
Hair  Clawtooth  @  COLLABOR88  Magic Pipi
Skirt (Part of Dress )  Tres Blah @ COLLABOR88 Mellow  Dress Orange / Pink

Sweatshirt  Tres Blah  COLLABOR88 Neon Sweatshirt Pink
Shoes M-style RIVEA Pumps Pink Flowers
Bangles  ::je::suis::  Magnifique Bangles Orange
Headphone  booN  Headphone Multi Stripe

Necklace  CHANTKARE  Mala Necklace  Juicy Fruit + Poolside
Glasses HOC Rectangle Framed Glasses
Bag  The Sea Hole  @  COLLABOR88  Neon Lazer Cut Leather Purse
Location  Shabby  Forge

Sunday, September 11, 2011


         Yes I joined  the  the Alphabet Challange
Go to What *IS* Willis Talking About? for the rules and how it works but basicly it is simple Make an outfit each time with 1 letter of the alfhabet starting with the letter A. For this post I made an outfit with the shops with the letter A but that is not needed to past the challange.
The rules are as follows: everything you wear must begin with the letter you are blogging. It can be store, item name, colour or, at a stretch (because we know there are some letters where a stretch will be necessary), creator.
The challange just got on with letter  and so you still have time to catch up.
Join the Flickr Alphabet Blog Group to enter your  pictures.

Skin  RT BODY STORE  Michelle Sunkises  # NEW
Make-Up merican Bazar  Cherrypie Lipstick + Blush
Hair CTION  Penny
Top + Short merican Bazar # AUGUST GIFT
Sneakers KEYO  Chucks-Skulley
Nails *RBIZU*  Nails Long  Strawberrys

Braceltes [rmidi] Towanda Quinted Black and Purple
Belt  [TOMIC]  Music Belt
Poses  DORKable  Gussy Up
Scarf OHARU  BandanaScarf Pink
Skate Board on Back  CTION  Unisex Scater Bag


This week in Luna's Color Challange BRONZE and we got weeks to go.
I am wearing a great new long skirt made by  Nena Janus of *League* L❥VE   L❤VE   L❥VE it. I am wearing a skirt without pattern but they got very such nice pattern skirts as well.
Visiting Luna's page I  found a new funny challange called the Alphabet Blogging Challenge <<< click for rules
Go to What *IS*Willes Talking about? to see how it is ment ot be done. The great thing about this challange is the digging in your inventory for the right letter and finding long lost items you totaly forgot about. I will try to do my best to jump on the Alphabet Blogging Challange train. The letter   and  are done so there is time to catch on. More about this later on this week

Skin   :CURIO:  Acorn- Frex [Light] Elf Gold Dust 1
Hair [LeLutka]  Oscar Whalnut Whip  # NEW
Top  BAIASTICE  Soie Brillant Gold Mustard
Skirt *League* Nomad maxi Skirt Gold # NEW

Necklace / Camera  (Yummy)  Vintage Camera Necklace
Necklace / Elephant *League*  Kandula Necklace Gold
Nails  [MANDALA]  Female Palette Medium
Bracelets [Armidi Gisaci]  Towanda Quintet Bangle

Glasses  [BUKKA]  Sunglasses GLOSSY
Bag [ORTA] Natasha Bag LightTans
Poses  !bang
Location Shabby  Forge