Sunday, September 11, 2011


         Yes I joined  the  the Alphabet Challange
Go to What *IS* Willis Talking About? for the rules and how it works but basicly it is simple Make an outfit each time with 1 letter of the alfhabet starting with the letter A. For this post I made an outfit with the shops with the letter A but that is not needed to past the challange.
The rules are as follows: everything you wear must begin with the letter you are blogging. It can be store, item name, colour or, at a stretch (because we know there are some letters where a stretch will be necessary), creator.
The challange just got on with letter  and so you still have time to catch up.
Join the Flickr Alphabet Blog Group to enter your  pictures.

Skin  RT BODY STORE  Michelle Sunkises  # NEW
Make-Up merican Bazar  Cherrypie Lipstick + Blush
Hair CTION  Penny
Top + Short merican Bazar # AUGUST GIFT
Sneakers KEYO  Chucks-Skulley
Nails *RBIZU*  Nails Long  Strawberrys

Braceltes [rmidi] Towanda Quinted Black and Purple
Belt  [TOMIC]  Music Belt
Poses  DORKable  Gussy Up
Scarf OHARU  BandanaScarf Pink
Skate Board on Back  CTION  Unisex Scater Bag

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