№ 2227 #SLBareAssChallenge2020

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I  just love second life challenges.
First challenge I did was the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge from the pose  maker Trieste Minuet.
For 2 years she gave the group one  color  each week and we made pictures in the giving color. 
This was the pre-mesh face era and looking at the pictures even the pre-mesh era for clothes. 
We are talking about years 2011 and 2012 how time flies when you are having bloggers fun.
Check out for this  the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge on Flickr  
Since then I did my fair share of challenges and meme's most of them invitations  by Strawberry Singh  a.k.a Strawberry Linden now.
The best of fun I had with the SL  Yearbook Challenge 
Once in a while challenges are getting a revival like the Year Book Challenge but also the SLBareFaceChallenge.
Because we are in second life the BareFaceChallenge had to have a sequel.
And this is way out of my bloggers  comfort zone.
Am I anti nude ? No  I just don't care about a virtual naked avatar of myself. 
I like second life just because of the dress up so making pictures of my pixel Barbie naked  .... 
It just not ringing any bells of fun for me but I can admire nude tasteful pictures made by others. 
Lets say I am a pixel prude and a non sexual creature in world. 
So when Faye Juneau tagged me on Flickr I needed to think hard how to fit in this challenge.
The inkie ass crack is my entery. 

Enjoy  stepping outside of your box and have fun while you shop unitl you drop.

Body Maitreya Lara 5.1  
Hat  Snowpaws  @ Shiny Shabby  Yae Wide Brim Natural Straw Hat - White
Shoes Eudora3D. @ Shop & Hop  Nora Heels *Gift* 
Sandy Feet Izzie's  Sandy Feet & Legs

Dog [Rezz Room] Pug Adult Animesh


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