Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ppppfftt oef my pinky inkie goos barbie week is over. This weeks color on Luna's challenge is lemon chiffon so my color palette this week will be all kinds of yellow.
Wikipedia is telling : Lemon chiffon is reminiscent of the color of lemon chiffon cake  and if you want to make one yourself here is a recipe of lemon chiffon pie. Doing research on this color made me hungry and craving for cake and all kind of other sweets. One of my color sisters Tigist Sapphire was singing Lemon from U2 the whole day so I looked it up for you so you can sing along with her when you see her all dressed up in lemon chiffon.
Also big hugs to Kaelyn Electo who sent me the landmark of the place where I took my pictures for this post. I would be lost in this challenge without my colorfull friends  ღ Waves to you all with a smile ღ Sad news this week to hear that one of Luna's color blogger called Veronica Ogleby lost her fight against cancer and passed away. I wish   that her journey takes her to a place full of colors

 On this pictures I used 2 diffrent windlight settings called Springscape and Bright Sparkly made by Luna Jubilee the brains behind the challenge and a source of  knowledge. Thank you Luna for making this years challenge like riding a roller coaster of color. Nothing more to say I stop my chatter enjoy your weekend and your compagny. Lღve and be Lღved.

Skin  -Belleza-  Lily V2 Medium  # GROUP GIFT
Hair  Miss C.  Ivy Blonde   # NEW
Tunic  SLC   Mesh Tunic Blouse Yellow Flower  # NEW
Boots  Slink  Relax Boots White
Socks  *GF*  Button Socks Knee High Mint
Bracelets  *League* Pearl & Lace Jewellery Set Pastels
Earrings   je suis  Precieuse Earhoop
Ring Right  je suis  Voyante Ring Plain
Ring Left  BAIASTICE   Reale Ring
Necklace  [ glow ] Pearls in Row
Cluch  [ glow ] Indien Passion Yellow Clutch
Location Romantic Times



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics, your looks, all of it! This color makes me so happy! <3

  2. Such a pretty set of photos, there's something kinda retro about them, but in a really good way!!!

  3. fresh cool look for a hot summers day ;-)))

  4. AW, Inkie your outfit is so cuuuute /me steals your clutch LOL. Yea, sorta romantic sorta vintage... Summer's here!

  5. Well aren't you a breath of fresh springtime air! Love this look Inkie, your beautiful.
    Happy Sunday

    ps...I loved the barbie doll pink to!

  6. That last picture i love the most.. gorgeous Inkie

  7. So beautiful! You makes me love lemon color!

  8. You look like a modern princess, very pretty :)

  9. Well done! You nailed the colour!

  10. You look adorable. Well done!

  11. Lemmmmooooooon!

    Inkie you are far too cute for your own good! Next time you want to rez a bed in a golf course, let me know, we'll find the appropriate place! hehehe

  12. Aw, Inkie, you look adorable! I love the bold jewelry, and somehow those boots really make the outfit :)