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Past November I started My Personal Bloggers A-B-C.
What keeps me busy as blogger ?
What do I need as a blogger ? 
 What brands make my second life piggy bank go broke ? 
Who are my favorite designers and why is that the case ? 

Resently I am member of 35 second life groups, so there are  still 7  slots left.
Premium members can join 70 groups. 
Once in a blue moon I clean house and leave groups to start a membership on other ones.
Why am I member of groups and could I live my second life without them ? 
For starters there are the land groups so I can have rights to place my stuff there.
It totally depends where I live and where I take my pictures if I stay in this kind of groups.
Brand groups, where I stay informed about new releases and where I can ask  a question about the products I am using. 
Bargain and free shopping groups.
Where to shop when there are almost no  lindens in the pocket ? 
I like to mention one group here.
Blogger & Vlogger Network.
A networking platform for bloggers and vloggers of second life.
If and when I am looking for something, there is always somebody in this group that comes to my rescue.
This is the only group where  I activated the instant message button so I can see my co bloggers questions as well.
For all the other groups I disabled the instant message option otherwise I go crazy, some groups can be very loud.

Who does not like gifts ? 
Go shopping crazy on a budget can be very rewording. 
Brands that give gifts to menbers of their groups are the best. 
Some brand groups are free to enter other groups got a small joining fee but lindens well spent. 

Now Open and no group space needed to collect your gifts ! 
 17th Birthday Second Life so Shop & Hop
Great gifts from the best designers of this virtual world. 
And great bargain prices up to 50% off.
This year, you'll find a record-braking 200 participating merchants across 10 regions
Open until July 12th.

Body Maitreya Lara 5.1  
Bento BOM Mesh Head LeLutka Lake 
Eyes Avi Glam @ Shop & Hop Sahara Eyes *Gift* 
Hair Wingsdg @ Shop & Hop  OS1027 *Gift* 
Top Blueberry  @ Shop & Hop  Lace Trim Top *Gift* 
Pose & Flag . Infiniti . @ Shop & Hop  Pride *Gift* 


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