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In times of lesser human contact becuase of the virus, we take time to go back in to nature.
Nature we neglected  and took for granted for decades.
Are these special times a game changer in the way we will live our lives after the virus is gone?
Or are we going back to our crazy earth consuming usual ? 
For now hold your loved ones close from a distance and have fun while you shop until your drop.

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1  
Bento Head GENUS Project  Clasic Face

Skin Fair will be open until March 29th less lag to shop now.
Lipstick --< RichB. >--   @ Skin Fair 2020  Lips#37
Eyes  Avi Glam @ Skin Fair 2020  Royalty Eyes Lagoon

Hair Doux @ Dubai Event  Ubert
Top Scandalize Sherry Belt

Pose & Butterfly Luane's World  Scarlet Dreams

 Heart Forest Undergrowth  Clover and Daisies 


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