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For me, making pictures in second life is my way be creative and express myself.
Due to the world wide corona crisis I am working from home.
 Instead of traveling to the other side of the country for the weekday's.
The world is a different and bit of a scary place right now. 
There is no way of stopping the virus, we have to try to manage and controle it so the health care system can hold the heavy work load.
The silver lining in all of this, I have more time on week day's to spent time in Second Life.
Making pictures, be crative and take my mind of the real life crisis. 

Be creative, stay healty and have fun while you shop until you drop. 

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1  
Bento Head GENUS Project  Clasic Face
Skin Glam Affair. Alisa
Hair Moon. Hair Catsy
Top Emery Machala Top Off-White
Overall ~Nerido~  Alida Overalls Khaki

Pose & Painting *Le Poppycock*  *Bright Ideas*  Fine Art *GACHA*


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