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Second Life is evolving all the time.
Things I thought were dead and gone are getting a second life in second life as well.
With the introduction of Bakes On Mesh ( BOM ) the use of texture layering is back again.
To reduce the  numners I went trough my whole inventory to delete all texture layers.
I never thought I will use them again since the introduction of mesh body's and heads.
But like I said second life proved me wrong.
LeLutka released two new BOM Bento mesh heads in a new line called Evolution.
In this picture I am showing Erin.
I went to the LeLutka shop to buy one head but I could not make a choice.
Introductory price is set to L$ 3700 for each head until January 20th, 2020
 After this 2-week period, the price will be set back to the standard price of L$ 5000.
So I bought Erin and Nova daaaah....., more about Nova in later posts and pictures.
For the entire list of specifications I direct you to the LeLutka website
If and when you want to get in to this new line some advice.
You need a viewer that supports BOM.
Take your time to read the website and the product FAQ
Park your avi on place with low or no lag.
The LeLutka Group can give you advice when you are panicking about something.
No joining fee only free group spaced needed.
With the introduction to bakes on mesh way more possibilities to use layers for make-ups, brows, freckles and so on.
With this new LeLutka heads it is back to using  the  shape sliders of old times.
It gives you more changes to shape the face to your own liking so we can  all look more and more unique.
I kind of suck in editing shape and face, for some reason, along the process, I loose clear sight of the proportions.
But that makes room for the shape creators in this world to earn some Lindens. 
This time I did the editing on the face myself without messing the avi up.
Aida Ewing from Glam Affair  made some great new skins for the new Evolution heads.
For me Glam Affair and LeLutka are alway a perfect match, made in mesh head heaven.
On this picture I am showing the fabulous Xia with skintone 002.
Available at the Glam Affair   main store.
I just love this new head line and all the new possibilities that comes along with it.
I  like the fact you can color the eyes seperately for an individualy look.
I am still in the process of getting to know all the features.
So I will keep you updated about what I discover along the way.

Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop,

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1  
Is Maitreya working on a BOM body as well ?
BOM Head LeLutka Erin
Skin Glam Affair  Xia
Hair [ monso ]  @ Collabor88  Gabriella
Top Decoy  @ Collabor88   Rosalie Crop Top Blush
Necklace & Ring [MANDALA] ] Princess-dogtag (Antique)


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