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If and when you are an optimist you always see the ligth at the end of the tunnel.
I always try to be optimistic.
Squeeze my eyes and telling myself that the light I see is the end of the tunnel. 
I try, I really try to be optimistic ...
But when I see  ligth in the tunnel, I know by heart it is a train.
Am I a pessimist, just  a realist  or do I just need therapy ? 

Have fun while you shop until you drop.

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1  
Hair Moon  Phase 
Top amias  @ Cosmopolitan Rava Black 
Leggings Blueberry Dynamite Leggings Leather *NEW*
New great pack of leggings.
 No need to buy other leggings anymore when you buy the  whole pack.
You can wear them 6 ways. Built in shoes, classic ankle cut or ankle boots. All in 2 booty options!
Boots Eudora 3D  @ FaMESHed Raven Boots *NEW*
The boots fits perfect over the boots fit leggings from Blueberry.
The boots come with and without a sock option. 
Tatttoo Carol G. Jameela Tatttoo Red

Pose Le Poppycock -Blue Candor ( From *Long Gone Whisper* A Pose Pack )
Bottle & Glasses  :::ChicChica::: 

Backdrop (Milk Motion) Concrete Passage 
[Rezz Room] Boxer Dog Puppy Sit *GACHA*
JIAN Forest Cat Static - Stare


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