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With only 2 weeks before Christmas eve, I have to admit that  I am not feeling it.
This year I am not feeling it all.
The season of hope does not resonate inside of me this time around.
The typical Christmas movies are irritating me instead of making me cry like they always do.
I am dragging getting the  tree and balls out of the garage storage and I don't wan to think about food as well.
Why? The world as I see it is getting more and more devided. 
There is no "us" anymore it is "my side" and fuck your side.
The plastic tree, the Christmas diner with to much food and the ho ho ho happy day's for only a short time.
I feel like Scrooge and I need a visit from the ghost from Christmas past, present and future.
Specialy the ghost from the future I like to talk to.
Is Greta Thunberg the first woman environment president of the world then ? 
Does she leads the way, like she is doing now  and is the world  finaly listening as one ? 
Is my country Holland still above the water or did we lost our fight and did we all move to Germany?
Is hunger and lack of education a thing from the past and did we managed to overcome our differences for a greater good ?
This year I am doing it different. 
No tree in the house no plastic one and not a real one that dies afterwards.
We are not going to be only consumers by buying more stuff we don't need.
So I deleted all the shopping apps from my phone.
No more AliExpress, Wish and eBay.
And I won't going out of my way to prepare a typical Christmas diner.
It is going to be vegatarian .... need go check Google to find recipes .....
And this new way of doing things  is part of my New Year's resolution as well.
It is time to turn around things to change things.

Enjoy this time of year and have fun while you second life shop until you drop.

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1  
Bento Head GENUS Project  Classic Face
Skin Glam Affair. @ ~uber~  Hanna
Hair Opale Toma
Jacket [ Cynful ] @ Collabor88  Fur Jacket Hot Pink
The pack comes in 3 different style jackets I just love that.
Pants Yasum  Gamila-Leggings
Boots Eudora 3D  @ FaMESHed  Harper Boots

Pose and Drink Amitie @ Santa Inc Cold Days

Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
Apple Fall  Christmas Soldier - Cream @ FaMESHed 
Apple Fall  Christmas Soldier - Red/Blue @ FaMESHed 
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland -  @ Collabor88 
Ariskea[Jolly]  Christmas Gifts Box 
I forgot where I bought this gift box.

:::ChicChica::: Eggnog cakes @ Collabor88 
220ML - Wine Bottle Carrier - Bottle Case @ TMD
220ML - Wine Bottle Carrier - Bottle @ TMD
220ML - Wine Bottle Carrier - Wine Cup @ TMD
KraftWork Skippy's Christmas Eve . S.S. Skippy
KraftWork Skippy's Christmas Eve . Open Gift Box
Also forgot where I bought the "Skippy's Christmas Eve" set. 
You see I suck in giving credits this post. 


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