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While making this picture I got a  little lost in my inventory.
Let me rephrase that, I totally lost myself in my inventory.
 I got a sertain way of keeping  stuff in there while it is piling up and I am still mananing to find everything. 
 I oversee the mess to a degree so....., so far so good. 
In the beginning, I shopped at the same  pose shops so I made brand folders to store the poses in
But in time I developed as pose and props addiction.. ssshhht yes  excuse me I got an adictive personality.
At this  point on 4003 days in this virtual world, I can not find the right poses anymore.
I am using the same poses just because I know where to find them.
An  endless list of different shop folders some of them  totaly loaded and me looking for the right pose to sit on this chair.
So this week I had the amazing  idea to turn my pose folder around..... 
And sometimes ideas need to stay just that, but ...  story of my life, I desided to put this idea in to action.
I went  trough my poses and props folder  and beyond.
 I even searched trough my entire inventory for poses. 
Found folders with names like "NEED TO USE THIS POSE" and "Do NOT Forget" witch I did.
Now I  made a "Sit" folder and then subtitelfolders in there  on ground / on chair / at table
A season prop  folder for Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter.
A sports folder with all kind of sports in different sub folders and so on. 
How many poses and props I really got ... I don't know I lost count twice so I gave up
I found many simular poses from different brands that proofs I buy way to much, but what's new.
For instance I have 11 different pose packs with props for playing basket ball. 
And I never made one a post using them ! 
So am I crazy ? 
No no no  don't answer !  that  was a rhetorical one.

So I pledge here to use a different pose each time I make a picture.
That will take more effort on my part  because sometimes you have to edit your shape  a little to make the pose fit.
And then I will cut down on the numbers of poses I got in my posssession.
As soon as I use the pose I will delete it.
Yes ! I will !! I Inkie Pinkie promise !!!
Don't worrie I can make one picture each day until I die, and still have poses left to use. 

...... pssssst  you know the Winter Pose Fair is open don't you ? 
If and when you see me there buying a pose pack so I can have a snow ball fight.
 Remind me that I already got that pack.... more then once,  and slap me back to my platform.

Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Body Maitreya Lara 
Bento Mesh Head CatWa  Catya
Skin Glam Affair @ Access Wendy
Hair Tableau Vivant @ Tannenbaum  Holly 

Pose and this is a funny story. 
In the midst of me going trough my inventory on my pose quest, I made this picture and totally forgot witch pose I used.
So no credit on the pose ... this time .... 


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