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A long time ago, when I was just a rookie second life shopper I had a gacha problem.
I was a hysterical gacha machine slapper with no boundaries on when to stop.
Playing gacha was basicly ticking all the boxes of my addictive personality.
I could play for ever for just the rare item, when the rest of the gacha pack did not have my interest at all.
My inventory was always a gacha mess because unpacking all the boxes was almost a day time job.
First there was only The Arcade as gacha event now there are (to)  many of them.
Now ( to ) many designers are releasing gacha items on monthly shopping events.
Basicly I am gacha tired.
So I made some rules to controle myself so I wont go second life broke and live in a cardboard mesh box.
Yardsales and buying gacha items on Market Place are my best of friends.
If and when I play on a machine there must be more then one item in the pack I like to play for.
Two hits on one machine and get the same item again I stop. 
Who needs the same pattern socks 10 times.....

This weekend I went to the mother of all gacha events The Arcade
When you use this link you go to the Arcade mirror  and it only took me 2 tries to get in.
On this picture I am wearing one of the Glam Affair gacha skins called Holly 014 made for the CatWa  mesh head.
The beanie is a gacha item of *New Tentacio* 
The jacket is an item from Ricielli called Cora Jacket 
 ( sorry second life won't let me download the shop landmark of Ricielli. 
And my main gacha tressure from this round is the rare Rabbit Arctic Animesh from =Rezz Room=
She ( I think she is a she ) will be my best of compagnions for weeks to come.
So try your gacha luck but don't loos your sanity doing so.

Rest of the credits are no gacha items on this round of the Arcade. 

Body Maitreya Lara 
Bento Mesh Head CatWa  Catya
Hair Opale Fluffy Hair 
 Gift from Tony Mila creator of Opale and thank you ! 
Leggings *COCO*  @ FaMESHed  HighRiseLeggings (Leopard)
Shoes Cult Cheeta Sneakers 
[Black Bantam] Christmas Lion Cub
Pose Bauhaus Movement  Shana


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