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How nice it is to tour around on a scooter when the weather is Spring like.
Riding in nature and taking nice pictures.
I don't have a scooter in real life .... I seldom take pictures in real life as well.
I knew there are a million reasons why I spend part of my time in second life.
Riding a scooter and taking pictures are two of them.

Enjoy your Second Life pleasures.

Body Maitreya Lara 4.1 
Bento Head GENUS Project   Baby Face W001
Skin Glam Affair  @ ~uber~  Kitty
Hair Tableau Vivant  Indoor/Outdoor - Blonds *Older Gacha*
Top YasumShiny Shabby  *Barbella-Top*Noir
Pants Yasum @ Shiny Shabby  *Barbella-Pants*Tweed
Shoes REIGN Arianna Sneakers  Slipped
Bandana amias - CALEB bandana - Front

Scooter anhelo  @ ~uber~ M55MD-193GA :: postman motorcycle
Dogs Sorry Old Gacha Items Only for sale at Market Place
Flowers -Garden- by anc "Narcissus" (white x yellow)
Road Compulsion  Country Lane Cosmo
Tree Skye Windswept Tree 


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