Saturday, December 23, 2017


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In second life I am a loner, this is  not a sad  December story, it is just my choice.
 But because SL is a social platform as well I stepped out of my cozy comfort zone this month.
I signed up for the Secret Santa Blog Swap from The Blogger and Vlogger Network
They pulled Moz Loordes ( Mozart Loordes )  out of their red Santa hat for me.

Writer and photographer.
For his second life world in pictures and story's visit his blog and Flickr stream.

Now it is my honor to introduce Moz to you  in writing.

Who is Moz Loordes ? 
I gave him these  I's and he did answered from the heart.

 I am...  the breath that makes the flute play               
 I want... everyone to have security of heart          
 I have... all that I need            
I wish...   you a Merry Christmas!        
I hate...  nobody least I be poisoned
I fear...     God  in the true sense of the word and if I didn't I'd be a very foolish fellow    
I search... for friends in this world        
I wonder... at the wonderful Universe      
I regret...   not growing up earlier   
I never...    waste my words on gossip.
I always...   wash my hands after using the bathroom  
 I usually...    am on time  
I dance...   for joy
I sing...      bhajans
I often...   sneeze in cold weather
I sometimes...  collapse in a heap of laughter
 I cry..    in private
I need...  the Divine
I should...  be better than I am and need to keep trying
I  love...   equally all those I can manage to

And I  asked Moz the following questions ; 

Mozart why is this your name in SL ? 
It's my middle name in real life *smiles*  
My mum says she was listening to Mozart as I was born.

 Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? 
I don't get worried and the 'right things' must come from within, which are placed there by the Divine, 
otherwise how can you know if those things are right or wrong?

Your biggest SL regret ?  Or do you not think in regrets ? 
Thinking that virtual relationships would be easier than real life relationships, that wasn't very streetwise as nowadays I think they are much harder.

.At what time have you felt most passionate and alive in Second Life ? 
When I am creating - be it prims or creating a scene for blogging.

If you just won a million dollars, what would you do  ? 
There are lots of people I could help out with just small amounts of those winnings, and I don't need huge amounts of money, it only brings more responsibility and family strife.

What is the best thing about Second Life for you ?
The social aspects and then the creating ability..

What is,  after almost 8 years,  still  on you SL bucket list ?
Nothing, I've seen it all and done it all and I'm still here!

I am Dutch so I made a little piece of Amsterdam in SL. 
Do we need an annual gay canal parade in SL ? 
That might be nice! 
 I think Second Life Pride do parades but they aren't in virtual Amsterdam :)

I wish Moz and his partner Arrchie all the love and happiness in 2018.

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