Thursday, August 10, 2017


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The world I live in is slowly but gradually changing.
For once the way we look at gender differences is shifting.
For me everybody is equal, that does not mean that we are all the same, because we are not.
And thank God for that, the world would be a boring place if that were the case.
Man and woman are for sure equal but it would be a mistake to say we are the same.
I never asked myself the question "do I really feel like a woman ?"
The fact that I was born a woman, never made me sad , misplaced or even angry.
What happens inside a persons head if you are born a boy but you feel like a girl ?
If you look in the mirror and  you don't see the body that matches the way you feel ?
What happens if you are groing boobs as a girl and you just hate "those things" like they were extraterrestrial ?
I think you need all the support you can get from the people you love and who love you.
Support to become the person you need and want  to be.
If that takes surgery go for it.
If that takes  talking sessions for hours  with friends or a therapist take all the time you need.
Write a book about your journy to the new gender you ?
Is that's what it takes to get it of your now flat chest ? I buy your book to read it.
For everybody  who  put other people in a box and don't give nobody permission to leave your labeled boxes...
To all the judgemental fools out there ....
When I saw this one piece suit from GizzA at The Mens Dept  I just could not resist to buy it.
The suit is taylord for the male mesh body but in second life you can delete your mesh breast with one click on the body HUD.
The suit is available in bold color combinations and is called Andrew Vested Suit in Summer.
I am wearing the Teal color option.
The LeLutka desing team have been working hard lately.
They released 4 new Bento mesh head called Bianca, Greer, May and Spencer.
With new features so the first released Bento mesh heads will be updated as well.
Those of you that already own Simone 2.0, Cate or Chloe will be sent an update as soon as the head is worn,
or you can request the update by clicking on the redelivery button on the settings tab of your head hud.
On this picture I am showing Spencer with the Glam Affair skin, called Spencer as well.
Glam Affair skins and LeLutka heads are a designers match made in second life heaven.
The skin is for sale at the LeLutka main shop.
Body Maitreya Lara 4.1 
Hair Tableau Vivant @ ~uber~ Punky Add On
Hair Base Tableau Vivant @ ~uber~ Lelutka HB10
Shoes Essenz @ FaMESHed  Guyana
Pose & Chair *Le Poppycock* @ Collabor88 Comfort Zone B
In the pose pack chairs you can rez but also chairs with poses you can wear how conveniant is that.
You can go where ever you want to go and be photo ready without rez rights needed.
Background SAYO @ Collabor88 Plastic Plaster Scene
Lets shake things up and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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