Monday, June 26, 2017


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For me, Summer is the festival season.
If there is live band, DJ's , happy and dancing people I am there.
To prefent that I have to drive far after the party, I camp out on a camping site next to the event.
Sometimes I stay there for more then 1 day when the festival is lasting 2 or even 3 days.
There  is a dilemma involved for me here.
I love to dress up when I go to a party, glitters and high heels that is my party motto.
Glitters is not a festival problem ... high heels for sure are so here I go with sneakers on.
When it rains, and in Holland that happens a lot, the sneakers are out and I "dress up" in rain boots.
Next thingie is the fact that I am not really a true camping person.
Hoping that there is still warm wather running in the public shower where you have to use coins .
Visiting the  toilets, where after a hardcore festival the smell kind of stinks.
Trying to get some kind of "rest" when the neighbors still having a deafening good time singing in the tent next to me.
Are the dillema's reasons not to go ? Hell no !  I just play along with the craziness.
Deodorant and wet tissues are  my best friends.
I sing along with my neighbors laying in my sleeping bag.
And during the day I go with the flow of the music, sitting on the grass, smoking it ...
Summer here I come .... for you have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara 4.1 
 Head CatWa Lona v2.16
Skin - Glam Affair- @ Lootbox Moana *GACHA*
Open until July 20th
Face Glitters Elysium @ Cosmetic Fair  Fiji Pearl Set Red
Open  until June 30th.
Freckles [theSkinnery] @ Cosmopolitan Event Sunkissed Freckles
Open until July 1st.
Hair Fabia @ Hairology  Milana
This round great sales. Open until June 30th.
Dress United Colors @ K U S T O M 9  Jane Fringe Mini Dress Red
Oen until July 10th.
Necklace & Earrings Maxi Gossamer Isolde
Hand Jewels Zaara @ Collabor88     Siya Hand-Harness
Open until July 6th.
Pose Kirin Poses Sitting Pretty  Pose 8

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