Friday, June 23, 2017


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Normally I don't have time to make a Fifty Linden Friday blog post.
Because of my real life job I am home late on a Friday and the Saturday is my "I don't have to do nothing "day.
Today I am home free so extra time to give a view on the {what next} Fifty Linden Friday items.
The Summer Garden Planters come in a hanging and a standing pack each for 50 Lindens.
You can change colors of the flowers, pots, ropes and hanging arms.
This weeks line up is great !!
Every week  1 notecard sent in this group with the list of the stores that are participating that week.
Have fun while you Friday shop until you drop.
Dutchie Design Houseboat New Amsterdam
Just love this house boat really feels like home. More about this boat in this post.
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds Picnic Basket *GACHA*
Hall Console #NuLL. Low Display Shelf+Zabuton.
Sorry store is closed
{-MK-} Mannequin_Dog *GACHA*
R(S)W Quilt Shelf - Winter Solstice

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