Saturday, June 24, 2017


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On *** Beautiful 4 Seasons *** my Second Life resident I went back to my roots.
I made a small piece of Amsterdam and a the Dutch country side.
On the country side I am not done still working on the right look, but the city part is beside some details complete.
If and when you want to make pictures here and you need rez rights for post balls or props.
Use common sense staying here.
 Although we are quite open minded in Holland, I don't want people running around naked here.
Call me a pixel prude but in this world I am a clothing kind of girl.
Pick up your pose balls and props if you are done, but that speaks for itself.
 Please leave you pictures you make here on the *** Beautiful 4 Seasons *** Flickr page.
Enjoy your visit and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Tree Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby  SummerWindTree
Cari McKeenan creator and designer of Little Branch went to the next level with the nature he is creating.
The trees started to move how nice is that.
I am not skilled ( yet ) to make little movie clips, so you have to trust me on this one.
Canal Building Set  Ex Machina Amsterdam
Pink Car anhelo la voiture de grand-pere
Green Bike anhelo vintage road bike (leaf green)
Red Bike THOR  Bicycle Red + Couple Poses
Building Schultz Bros. 01. The Old Brewery  *GACHA RARE*
Truck  Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck  GACHA RARE*
Flags [NO CONCEPT]  *Amsterdam Gacha*
8f8  Green Grocers  Advertising Column *GACHA RARE*
Wall DRD - San Mora - More Wall - A
Parking Meter CHIPARUS Amsterdam Parking Meter Hires ( For Free )

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