Saturday, June 10, 2017


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The designer Froukje Hoorenbeek from Dutchie Design made this amazing house boat New Amsterdam.
Dutchie's New Amsterdam was inspired by the oldest houseboat in the Netherlands, De Zwerver.
Self-taught artist, writer, architect and explorer Wijnand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp build it in 1900, the year of his marriage.
 Nieuwenkamp and his family lived, worked and exhibited on the boat while traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for the next 10 years.
The houseboat's exterior is completely renovated, but it’s greatest treasure is inside: a beautifully decorated historic building, the original interior a mix of exotic woods, old tiles, decorations and carvings as those by Nieuwenkamp himself. 
Houseboat New Amsterdam has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with separate toilet, hallway and two outdoor decks. Unlike the original boat, all these are on one floor.
This had to be done because of the water level and camera angle in Second Life.
The ship is mod and copy, 100% original mesh with custom textures, baked shadows and materials applied.
Included is a plank to use as bridge from a dock to the front door. 
The houseboat has the land impact of 133 prims. It's 7,5 meters wide and 44 meters long, The boat is easily re-sizable, which will make the prim count go up or down.
I just love this creat real life story behind this house and the boat is placed on my Dutch themed sim.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Dutchie Design Houseboat New Amsterdam
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