Friday, May 26, 2017


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It is almost time to go away on my vacation trip.
This year my travel destination is going to be Greece.
So I made a Home & Garden post in homage to this trip.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
[Merak]  Eva's House
Blue Pots [Merak] Ceramic Pots
Gazebo Cheeky Pea  @ ~uber~  Iota Outdoor Room Decorated
Cheeky Pea  Iota Hanging Chair ~uber~
Bar {what next} Palisades Outdoor Bar
Fifty Linden Friday Piece
Nutmeg.   Distressed Clay Vases @ Shiny Shabby  
Bag on Floor Right Nutmeg.  @ Shiny Shabby  Rattan Tote Carry, Brown
Nutmeg. Ancient Wash Basins Chair Set, Dark Chair @ Shiny Shabby
NOTsoBAD PARIS .  baggage v1 *GACHA*
NOTsoBAD  PARIS .  baggage v2 *GACHA*
Ground Cover HPMD* Gravel Ground

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