Sunday, April 16, 2017


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Yes I am SL famous (SLamous)
Mina Nakamura from MINA Hair made a fabulous Gacha  hair pack for The Epiphany and called the pack Inkie.
A hair named after me .. now I  can kill my pixel Barbie .. it is not going to get better then this.
Thank you Mina  for doing this, now I can uncheck this on my Second Life bucket list.
More about this Inkie hair in later posts.
The Epiphany is a unique gacha event operating with the concept
of using a turn-in credit system. Players will be able to convert
unwanted duplicates into points to be used to redeem exclusive
items. Gacha prizes can still be traded or resold but now you
have the option to forget about the hassle of reselling and
instead redeem some exclusive prizes just for playing machines.
Open until May 15th.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head CatWa Lona
Skin [theSkinnery] @ Bloom Lily
Open until April 30th
Corset ***Ambrosia*** @ The Seasons Story  Off Shoulder Corset Dress
Open until April 30th

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