Thursday, March 23, 2017

№ 1715 CAR WASH

Click the picture to get a closer view.
Lets talk about being a second life blogger, I considder myself a lucky one.
Blogging for almost 10 years now and it is still my creative outlet in  life.
I am a lucky blogger because I know wonderfull store owners who give me releases for free so I can show them to you.
Each store has their own blogger rules and I understand all of the rules and act according to them all.
If and when I can not follow the rules I leave the bloggers group without complaining about the rules.
To report to all the blog managers, every group have their own ways as well.
For some brands, leaving the pictures to the brand Flickr group is enough.
Other ways are filling in Google blogger forms or sending notecards with the links to the blogger managers.
But now there is a new way and that is called Blogotex
3 Creators who give free copy's to me are working with this bloggersplatform already and I am over the moon so happy.
I log in on my personal Blogotex page and can choose one of the brands I blog for by clicking on their logo.
I can leave my  links on the Posts Tab and I can pick up the bloggers packs on the Products Tab.
On my dash bord I can see what my posting deadline is, or that I don't have to worrie because of my VIP Status.
Thank you Mina , Eonla and Datrip for making the bloggers administration so much easier for me.
 Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head CatWa @ Skin Fair 2017  Lona *NEW*
Open until March 26th so hurry !!
Skin Glam Affair @ K U S T O M 9 Medison
Open until April 9th
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~  Side Pony & Locks
Tattoo PurpleMoon Creations™ @ Skin Fair 2017 Spring Tattoo
Open until March 26th so hurry !!
Pants Legal Insanity @ Très Chic Anja Ripped Jeans
Boots Legal Insanity @ Shiny Shabby Kitty Boots
The boots works perfect with the jeans because of the special boot options for the jeans.
A better and closer look on the boots in later pixelstyles message.
Pose and Car Wash Prop Fαѕнιowl Poѕeѕ @ Très Chic Car Wash Sign
Très Chic open until April 5th.
Car Wash Lyrics ʘ͜͡ʘ 

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