Saturday, January 28, 2017


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There are only a view weeks left before I will change my place ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
I am done with snow and ice and long for the new beginnings of the Spring season.
Maybe it even not last for weeks before I start the process of removing the Winter items.
The fact of the matter is that changing season in second life is leaving my inventory quiet messy in the end.
So that is the only reason I delay it, so don't be surprised  if and when you visit the sim is turned up side down.
The running round of ~uber~ has some great pieces of fashion and furniture.
Happy to see that this event has an off sim shopping opening as well.
Positive side of an off sim shopping space is the fact that all the pictures and stalls are rezzing fast.
Reason is because you are not part of the laggy sim where all the other shoppers are standing.
The fabulous hair with hat from TRUTH is made my Truth Hawks "Mister Hair" of second life.
The hair is called Jojo and for sale at the ~uber~ event.
If and when you are there you can look for the pants and vest as well.
They are made by Villena Swansen also known as Kambi from the .:Villena:. brand
The Thick Knit Leggings and the Oversized Cardigan come in great color tones and I am wearing Olive
More ~uber~shopping news here.
Next place to shop is Shiny Shabby
The skin is called Fleur from [theSkinnery] and is made for the CatWa Catya  ( Bento Ready ) mesh head.
Let me tell you all the releases of all the new mesh heads you can add to your own liking makes me insecure again.
Tweaking and altering, working with the face sliders looking for the "real" inkie inside all the the heads....
Thinking I found the right settings and then, wearing another skin brand the process starts all over again.
Good there is an appearance folder where I can all save all the settings  for later use. 
The [White~Widow]  tattoo called Harmonium is made by the talented Julie Hastings
The tattoo comes in a black and white option and for sale Shiny Shabby as well.
Last Shiny Shabby item to look for this shopping round is the necklace called Federica.
Made by LouLou Teichmann from Bauhaus Movement and is for sale in Red , Green, Purple and Black.
Pose with Dog Fαѕнιowl Poѕeѕ @ Très Chic  Doberdog
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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