Thursday, December 29, 2016

№ 1648 I SEE YOU !!

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After decorating my place *** Beautiful  4  Seasons ***  in to a Christmas Winter Wonderland
and after all the second life Holiday shopping events my inventory numbers went trough the roof ... again.
Last time I looked I had 51.067 and now ...... 70.397 and an extra pile in my recieved items folder ,
still a lot of boxes unpacked as well.
In May this year I made a deal with myself, on every event I can buy maximum 4 items.
Do I live by my own rules while I make them up ? ..... nah not when it comes to second life shopping.
I got a little cleaning scared as well.
In my hunger to clean up I accidently deleted my entire animal and curtain folder.
Left me going on a new shopping mission in search of a new livestock and window decorations.
Sighs .... oké I failed to get my inventory numbers as low as 50.000 .... this time...
Time to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on track in the game "how low can I go "
So in the next view weeks I am going to show more "old" items I will discover while sorting out my mess.
I keep you posted about my numbers and if I will be able to get a hold of myself.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LeLutka  SIMONE 2.0. ( Bento Ready )
Skin - Glam Affair- Lilian
Hair Vanity Hair I See U
Dress C'est la vie! Marcia Dress Navy
Boots with Socks * Belle Epoque * @ Très Chic Gillian Boots
Scarf OPOPOP Design Kamaino V#2 // Unisex
Held Pup Dog JIAN Lively Labs *GACHA*  
Puppys on Ground Fawny My Little Puppy *GACHA*

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