Wednesday, November 09, 2016


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Shop, shop, shop deco shop until you drop.
Different home & garden events I will show you the way in weeks to come.
Theme this round is Amsterdam - Australia  and it will be open until November 20th.
This E3D Steam Gazebo on this picture is from Eudora 3D  and is for sale at this event.
The painting is called  Studio Easel Lg Canvas and is a gacha item from Artisan Fantasy
also available at Republic.
Next stop to deco shop is Deco(c)rate a new MadPea Production and I love this.
Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh decor home & garden items.
For more information about this new event visit the Deco(c)rate  blogsite
For support and help about this event sign in to the  Deco(c)rate Group
The box is a piece of art by itself , check it out on YouTube  keep the sound on while you unpack.
All items in the box have an eye for detail and theme for this months box is November Rain
The swing bench from Pewpew! called Swing Bench Hideaway is in this box.
 The Rain Drop Lamps from {anc} and the Book of Sorrows from .random.Matter are part of the box as well.
Trees Little Branch @ TLC MysticBoardLeaf
Leaves on the Floor BotanicalShiny Shabby Fallen Leaves

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