Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Click the picture to get a closer view.
Oké this is something new, so bare with me on this new road.
More and more items I want to show here, have something to do with animations.
So time to explore the options how to add  short clips in here so you can see second life in action.
No better brand to kick start this new challenge with then DUTCHIE FURNITURE
Froukje Hoorenbeek is the creative mind behind this brand.
If and when you are in to some kind of role playing or you want to give your second life more action
Froukje is making all kind of furnitures to accommodate your needs.
On this picture and in this short clip you see the Mid Century Vanity Table
Dutchie's mid-vanity holds 21 solo animations like brush hair, dry hair, put on lipstick,
body lotion and make up, moisturize, shave, polish nails and more.
The animations can be played individually, or in 4 sequences.
The vanity has 14 props like a hairbrush, hairdryer, razor, powder brush, moisturizer, nail polish, body lotion and lipstick.
Both of the paintings are from Dutchie as well.
The condoms and lube are not part of the table set they are from :: Tartessos Arts ::
The items on the floor are old gacha items.
In the short video clip you see also new fabulous hair called Vee from Little Bones.
This hair comes with an animation HUD as well and you can see how that works as well.
You can flip your hair in different settings how fabulous is that.
The hair is for sale at the running ~uber~  round.

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