Click the picture to get a closer view.
It is sadly to say that the season of sunshine has come to an end.
Although we have a nice Indian Summer in Holland it is time to go look for your umbrella.
If and when you are looking for an Autumn themed sim in second life go visit
It All Starts With A Smile ☜ hosted by the talented  Kaelyn Alecto
For rezrights and for support to the place there is a ☞ IASWAS ☜ group you can join.
One of my favorite second life blogger and vlogger is Strawberry Singh.
For a while she had almost every week a ☞ Blogger Challenge.☜
One of her challenges was the ☞ Photobomb Meme ☜ and I thought about this challenge making this picture.
If you look carfully on the background of this picture you see two cute little toddlers.
They were in the midst of their own photoshoot when I made this picture.
My thanks go to Gorba McMahon for letting my know how to  ☞ temporary derender ☜ trees
 so I had my shadows and good lighting.
It shows that even though I am a second life resident for 2835 day's I am still learning new tricks.
Enjoy your second life time and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head LeLutka Karin
 Skin Belleza Julia Pale Skintone
Waterdrops on Skin Applier Nanika
Hair *ARGRACE* Hikari
Dress Maitreya Twist Dress Cherry *NEW*
Boots fame femme @ Lost and Found  Autumn Gumboots Coral
Lost and Found will be open until October 1st.
Pose & Umbrella Bauhaus Movement Yuka Umbrella 5 Gold


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