Sunday, September 25, 2016


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Great news on this home and garden Sunday.
Jay Tedder Murs released a new windlight setting called  BattleScars 13.0 Mercy.
On this picture  I used windlightsetting BattleScars 6.0 Terral made by Jerry as well.
The right setting on your lighting can make or break a picture, providing the perfect the look and feel.
I know photographers who make there own settings with every new picture.
For me I don't have the patience to make my own.
So that is why I rely on others to make them and Jay is one of my favorites.
You can download all of his settings for free how nice is the fact Jay takes his time to share them.
He makes sky and water settings and they are all unique and do wonders for your pictures.
Jay even explains > how to install the settings < in your second life viewer in English and Spanish.
For the whole list of his personal made and shared settings visit > Jay his Blogsite <
On this picture new relaesed trees made by "Mr. Nature" Cari McKeenan from Little Branch
This Mangrove Trees are for sale at the present Shiny Shabby  round.
The trees come with a season changing menu, so conveniant when I redecorate my place.
Enjoy your Sunday in the perfect light and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Trees Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby Mangrove Trees
Boats unKindness Forgotten Summer Boats
Earthquaked Lighthouse !Six o'clock!
Grass [we're CLOSED] Grass Field Dry

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