Sunday, July 03, 2016


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Slowly the world it going completely crazy.
People in name of religion killing other people for who they love.
Leaving family and friends in total loss.
How fucked up and stupid that is.
I am living in Holland the first land that legalized same sexs marriage in 2001.
But religious fanatic people  live in Holland as well and change the way my gay and lesbian friends act outdoors.
In crowded places they  are asking themself : should we hold hands or not ?
 In some neighborhoods they are not getting outsite anymore when it is dark.
I believe in freedom of religion, you are free to think you are going to a place with 72 virgins after life.
And I respect the fact that you believe that  it  is not ok that man loving other man to have seks with them.
 But I  think  otherwise so let us agree to disagree here.
So stay the fuck away with remarks of violence against all who are showing love to others.
Live and let love ... understand this basic rule and we are getting along just fine ...
To raise funds to support the victims of the Pulse shooting visit the
Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life
Pulse Victims Fund if you want to donate directly.
Enjoy your Sunday with the people you love and have fun while you shop until you drop.
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