Thursday, June 02, 2016


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Weeks prior to a new  Arcade round, I am cool and collected about it.
Naahhh I am not going tho the next edition.
Why should I collect more stuff to pile up in my inventory, I never ever going to use.
All that is out there is done before, nothing new under the second life sun.
But getting closer to  the event , the more restless I get.
On Flickr and other social media designers  giving pre-views what to  expect in the next round.
Slowly but gradually I can not talk reason with myself anymore.
A complete 180 degree flip and the needy and greedy Inkie is awakening and threre is no turing back.
Totally forgetting my own made up rule, to only slap one machine 5 times maximum.
Ending up with an exploding inventory , taking me for hours to unpack it all.
Call me inkie Jekyll and inkie gacha Hyde.
Help !! I need therapy ....
For the readers who are new in second life or for those who lived under a pixel rock for years
here some tips how to travel to the Arcade
𝟷𝔰𝔱  Make a shopping list and promise yourself you are stick  to the list... daahh like that is going to happen.
Visit the The Arcade Shopping Guide so you know wich machines to look for.
𝟸𝔫𝔡 You need to get in and therefore an automatic teleport HUD is very handy.
Check out Marketplace ou find some for sale or for free there.
Then you have to deside if you want to go to The Arcade or ta ta ta taaaa The Arcade 2
Yes there are two exactly  same events, how convenient it that  !
More people with a gacha addiction are able to get in at the same time.
There is even an off Sim Shopping Experience, called the Gacha Gallery
Using the teleporting hud and my target set on The Arcade 2 it only took me 1 try and I was in !
Have fun while you gacha shop until you drop.
On this picture some {what next}  Arcade gacha pieces.
Garden table on the back, Little Barbecue ,Bar,  Pink Lawn Chair,
Bar Drinks Tray, Drinks Cooler, Watermelon Pops, Mini Cheeseburgers,
Bar Sign, Table Sign, Bar Lantern

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