Thursday, April 28, 2016


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Not so very long ago I made a Home&Garden resolution to make at least one decoration post per week.
I called that ♕ PixelStyles Home&Garden Sunday ♕ but I totaly forgot to post past Sunday.
Better late then never so here is my Home&Garden post for this week.
Kunst Himmel designer of [ kunts ] made amazing glass bottles and plant pots, on display at ~uber~
Isla Gealch from Cheeky Pea made an amazing tea set with parasol, table, chairs and table setting.
The set is called Dream Wrought Iron Set and for sale at ~uber~ as well
I am also struggling with the lates Firestorm update on the viewer.
I crash each time I want to take a picture larger then 3500 by 1837 with shadows.
Reading now all the tips I got in the [SL] Blogger Support group.
Really hope working with  all the tips will better the problem, without me need to buy a new computer.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.

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