Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Click the picture to get a closer view.
Spring is in the Second Life air and my place is so ready for the season of new beginnings.
You are welcome to visit anytime.
This great house called Brier Garden House is part of an amazing set for sale at ~uber~
C.Edo of Tromp Loeil did a great job making it.
The Shingle Oak Trees are made by Cari McKeenan from Little Branch and on display at Lost & Found
[we're CLOSED] Power Poles
Fence Fanatik ArchitectureFence
Bush *alirium*  DwarfForest [LightGreen]
Windlightsetting made by  Jay Battle Scars free to download.
How to add the setting in to your viewer visit this Wiki Page
Have fun while you Home&Garden shop until you drop.

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