Saturday, March 12, 2016


Click the picture to get a closer view.
OMG they all look so cute !!
Let me start with the dolls made by Gocha Merlin the talented creator and designer of !gO!
The dolls are  GACHA items at The Secret Affair that opens March 15th.
With using the edit option you can resize them to match your decoration or style.
And don't I look like a doll face as well ?
For the first time I stepped in  Second Life world of toddlers.
Styling your avi is a total different ballgame that is for sure.
Where to shop and how to make things fit ?
This mesh toddler avi is from ND/MD Kids R us and is on display at The Skin Fair 2016
I had so much fun playing with the options to style the photo.
The toddler is called Cutie Sasha and comes in a boy and girl option.
Different styles of funny faces available as well, with and without dimples in the cheeks.
The avi comes with styling tips on hairs , how to make them fit.
I went clothing shopping at that  the ND/MD Kids R   shop
The cute socks are a Gacha item to play the machine only 25L.
The hair is from ""D!va""  and is called Mana.
Stay in touch with your inner child and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Living Doll Lyrics ʘ͜͡ʘ  

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