Monday, March 07, 2016

№ 1398 SKIN FAIR 2016 PART II

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Ladies and gentlemen of Second Life are you Skin Fair 2016 ready already ?
On March 11 at 12:00am the annual Skin Fair is going to be open.
I will try to do my best to show you the skins I personally like and love.
Skins for the different mesh heads and skins for the regular second face.
A huge puzzle it is, mixing and matching with the different appliers and systems that are available.
On this pictures I show you Charlotte from !Imabee.
Creator and designer of this flawless skin is Brendon Papp.
The skin is made for the [LeLutka]  mesh head and comes in three skin tones.
Five eyebrow colors and a non eyebrow option possible.
I am a sucker for freckles so I was very happy to see there is a freckle option as well.
A separate  HUD gives you 5 eye make-ups and 12 lipsticks.
Credits on 𝟷𝔰𝔱  picture
Skin !Imabee. @ Skin Fair 2016 Charlotte Petal Skin tone
Flowers on Head  *LODE* @ The Chapter Four Violets Pink *GACHA*
Flowers on Hand *NAMINOKE* @ We ❤ Role-Play! *N*Oakleaf Hydrangea
Bodysuit [ILAYA] Bodysuit V5
Pose Le Poppycock What you called for
Credits on 𝟸𝔫𝔡 Picture
Skin !Imabee. @ Skin Fair 2016 Charlotte Apical & Stigma Skin tone
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Arcade Myu *GACHA*
Top *Just Because* Candace Shirt Strawberry
Pose aDORKable Poses Nippy 7 


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