Thursday, March 03, 2016


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It is time to slap The Arcade gacha machines.
Sure ... I  just finished to organise my inventory and now I am back to square one.
For almost 1.5 year I managed to stay away from the event itself and just went to yardsales.
This time I went in againg ... full blast.
𝟷𝔰𝔱  Make a shopping list and promise yourself you are stick  to the list... daahh like that is going to happen.
Visit the The Arcade Shopping Guide so you know wich machines to look for.
𝟸𝔫𝔡 You need to get in and therefore an automatic teleport HUD is very handy.
Check out Marketplace ou find some for sale or for free there.
Then you have to deside if you want to go to The Arcade or ta ta ta taaaa The Arcade 2
Yes there are two exactly  same events, how convenient it that  !
More people with a gacha addiction are able to get in at the same time.
Using the teleporting hud and my target set on The Arcade 2 it took me almost 1.5 hour to get in.
The good side of taking the effort to get in yourself is that I got my hand on some RARE items
and I was very lucky this round with my pulls.
All the items on the picture  are {what next} pieces.
The decorative rain boots and the door mats are made by FrankLee Anatra
The boots and the doormats are Fifty Linden Friday items this weekend so hurry to the {what next} mainshop.
The cozy gazebo is the Arcade RARE item.
You can change the wood in with and Spring green and the pillows can be changed in 3 different textures.
It also contains single and couple animations.
The watering can gives out cans with an animation so you can water your plants.
You can change the color of the mailbox and the birdhouse as well.
In the machine there is also a wearable bike to win.
The Arcade Spring Garden Gacha is a joint venture from FrankLee and Winter Thorn
Let the Arcade magic  happens to you  and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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