Wednesday, February 24, 2016


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Call me shallow , materialistic or just plain stupid but I have a dream.
I  am dreaming of having my own walk in closet in real life.
Do I own tons of clothing to fill the storage space then ? 
No in contary... I am only a clothing junkie in second life.
Do I have the organisation skills that  keep my walk in closet neat and tidy ? .. Naaahhhh
Just in weeks the closet room would be a storage place of mess and stuff that have no place in a walk in closet.
When I went shopping on the Home&Garden EXPO I found a perfect walk in closet !!
Made by the talented Ria Bazar ( Mavendorf ) from ~BAZAR~
The closet comes in a wooden and white option.
They come in a rezz option for a wall of closets or you can mix and match yourself.
You can make a male and female section and I just Lღve Lღve Lღve this !!
I just had to make more pictures to show you how great this closet is.
The walk in closet space is on display and for sale at Hope 8
Not everything you see on the pictures is part of the walk in closet set.
I will try to credit as much as possible.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Counter *ionic* @ Lost and Found *GACHA*
Mannequin Bust nefarious.inventions.  @ Lost and Found On Display 3 *GACHA*
Hat Display -David Heather- *GACHA*
Travel Carryon/Black -David Heather-  *GACHA RARE*
Shoes on Floor GARBAGGIO *GACHA*
Stockholm-Paper Bag ~BAZAR~
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Fancy Decor Tissues
-tb- Bon Voyage - Stacked Treasures with Photocamara *GACHA RARE*

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