Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Click the picture to get a closer view.
OMG I just looooove these frogs !!
They are made by Garvie Garzo from meadowWorks
They are called Yoga Frogs and you can get your hands on them at the Home&Garden Expo.
You need to travel to Hope 5 where you can find more gacha machines.
There are 13 frogs in all. The set has 3 RARES. 10 commons and a Secret Surprise.
The Surprise is a Secret and Garvie promised that it is not a frog.
Each frog is 1 LI & all are mod/trans. Gacha is 50 L a play with 50% donation to RFL.
The fountain is called the Valiano Fountain and is for sale at Trompe Loeil
For more meadowWorks work visit Hope 4


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  1. awesome shots, especially the frogs LOL.. slippery critters to get all in one frame like that. TY inkie